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17th Annual International Conference RGCON

17th Annual International Conference RGCON
Delhi Sector 5, Rohini,
Rohini Institutional Area,
09th - 11th
February 2018
Starts 8:00 am
Well Experienced
Theme Liver tumors : Primary & Secondary - "Dilemmas to Decision"


17th Annual International Conference RGCON

With immense pleasure we would like to invite you to the 17th Annual International Conference organized by Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre from 9th – 11th February 2018 at Hotel Crown Plaza, Rohini, New Delhi. The theme of the conference is Liver tumors : Primary & Secondary – “Dilemmas to Decision”

The Conference will be covering a whole gamut of liver tumors with special focus on HCC and liver metastases (Colorectal, Neuroendocrine, Non colorectal Non neuroendocrine). This will be of interest to surgical, medical, radiation oncologists & intervention radiologists as well as GI surgeons, HPB surgeons & general surgeons with interest in oncology. There will be a live operative workshop showing open / Lap / Robotic liver resections, microwave ablation, TACE, TARE and Portal vein embolization as well as video workshop on various aspects of complex liver resections.

A radiation oncology workshop is also planned showing brachytherapy for liver tumours, SBRT and motion management in liver radiotherapy.

We want to make these three days a memorable academic and social fiesta. You will have a unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge and share your thoughts with leaders in their respective fields.

We would also wish to learn from your thoughts and opinions during the various sessions. For more details regarding conference kindly visit –

We look forward to your confirmed presence at the conference.

You can contact us at:


 Hotel Crowne Plaza – Rohini, Delhi

Twin District Centre, Sector 10, Rohini, Delhi, 110085
Phone: +91 – 11- 4488 4488
Online Booking :

  • PATRONS Mr. Rakesh Chopra, Mr. D. S. Negi, Dr. S. K. Rawal
  • Organizing Chairperson Dr. D.C. Doval, Dr. A.K. Dewan
  • Organizing Committee Dr. Shivendra Singh, Dr. Vineet Talwar, Dr. Sumit Goel, Dr. Swarupa Mitra
  • Scientific Committee Dr. A. K. Chaturvedi, Dr. Anurag Mehta, Dr. Gauri Kapoor, Dr. Munish Gairola, Dr. Rajeev Kumar, Dr. Ullas Batra
  • Editorial Dr. Rupinder Sekhon, Dr. Anita Kulkarni, Dr. Gurudutt Gupta, Dr. Manoj Sharma, Dr. Lalit Sehgal, Dr. Shagun Bhatia Shah
  • Reception Committee Dr. A. K. Bhargava, Dr. S. K. Sharma, Dr. D. M. Hazarika, Dr. Itee Chaudhary, Dr. Syed Asif Iqbal, Dr. Mohit Aggarwal
  • WEBSITEDr. R. S. Jaggi, Dr. L. M. Darlong, Dr. Rajan Arora, Dr. Moushmi Suryavanshi, Dr. Neelam Sachdeva, Dr. Mamta Dubey
  • Event Management Committee Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit, Dr. Shalini Mishra, Dr. Leena Dadhwal, Dr. Anila Sharma, Dr. Amitabh Singh, Dr. Anjali K. Pahuja
  • Transport & Accommodation Dr. Sunil Pasricha, Dr. Amit Kr. Mittal, Dr. Vivek Mahawar, Dr. Kumardeep Dutta, Dr. Manoj Gupta
  • Finance CommitteeDr. P. S. Chaudhary, Dr. S. A. Rao, Dr. Dinesh Bhurani, Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj

Conferences dedicated to building remarkable events.

RGCON 2018, New Delhi Friday 9th February 2018

Theme: Liver Tumors: Primary & Secondary – “Dilemmas to Decision”

08.00 AM Onwards Registrations

  • 09.00AM – 10.00AM

    Session 1 – Liver Resection – Basics

    • Liver anatomy relevent to liver resection
    • CT Volumetry – How to do ?- Tips, software & how accurate
    • Assessment of remnant liver function – ICG & LiMax
    • Liver functional volumetry using 99mTc-GSA SPECT/CT 3D fused imaging (Mebrofenin scan)
    • Functional remnant liver volume assessment by 3D volumetry with EOB-MRI
    • Preoperative risk assessment before liver surgery
    • Intra-op considerations during liver surgery
  • 10.00AM – 01.30PM

    Session 2 – Live Surgery- Lap / Robotic liver resection / Intervention radiology

  • 01.30PM – 02.30PM

    Lunch Break

  • 02.30PM – 03.30PM

    Session 3

    • Intar-Op USG – Tips & Tricks
    • Post operative management after major liver resection (including DVT prophylaxis)
    • Patients on anticoagulation – management & prevention of bleeding complications
    • Technical aspects of major and extended liver resections
    • Tips and tricks for lap liver resection
  • 03.30PM – 04.30PM

    Session 4 – Video Lecture – How I Do it ?

    • USG guided parenchyma sparing liver surgery
    • Fluorescent guided liver resection
    • Navigated liver resection
    • ALPPS
  • 04.30PM – 05.30PM

    Session 5 – Master videos

    • Takasaki Tech – Glissonian approach to liver resection
    • Extended Rt hepatectomy with caudate for hilar cholangioCa
    • Extended left hepatectomy
    • Central Hepatectomy
    • Isolated Caudate resection
    • Lap Radical Cholecystectomy
  • 05.30PM – 06.00PM

    Tea Break

  • 06.00PM – 08.00PM

    Dinner Symposium – Non colorectal non Neuroendocrine liver mets / Metastatic Gastric Ca

  • 08.00PM Onwards

    Faculty Dinner

RGCON 2018, New Delhi Saturday 10th February 2018 (Hall A)

Theme: Liver Tumors: Primary & Secondary – “Dilemmas to Decision”

08.00 AM Onwards Registrations

  • 09.00AM – 10.00AM

    Session 1 – Liver Tumors / Approach to liver SOL

    • Radiologists approach to assessment of liver sol (Radiologists Perspective)
    • Pathologist approach to liver SOL (Pathologist Perspective)
    • Panel Discussion – Clinical scenarios
  • 10.00AM – 11.00AM

    Session 2 – Colorectal Liver Mets – Management Overview

    • Medical Oncologists overview / Conversion of CRC liver mets – Myth or Reality?
    • Surgical Management of CRC
    • Radiation Oncologist / Status of SBRT & Proton beam for liver metastatses
    • Local abaltive therapies – which is better – Microwave or IRE ?
    • SIRT / TACE using irinotecan beads – Present status
    • Panel Discussion – Clinical scenarios
  • 11.15AM – 11.30AM

    Tea/Coffee Break

  • 11.30AM – 1.00PM

    Session 3 – Controversies in mCRC

    • The left versus right colon cancer story : What is the truth ?
    • MSI and angiogenesis in colorectal liver metastases
    • Optimal resection margine & what to do in R1 resection ?
    • Missing Liver mets – What to do ?
    • Liver metastases with extrahepatic disease- Is resection Justified ?
    • Current status & perspectives on liquid biopsies & free tumor cells in mCRCa
  • 01.00PM – 02.00PM

    Lunch Break

  • 02.00PM – 04.00PM

    Session – Debates in CRC Liver metastases

    Debate 1 : Synchronous colorectal Liver metastases

    • Chemotherapy first
    • Surgery first

    Debate 2 : Bilobar Liver mets – which is better

    • Staged resection
    • ALPSS

    Debate 3 : Targeted therapy (biologicals) for resectable liver mets

    • Yes
    • No

    Debate 4 : Adjuvant treatment after resection of metachronous liver mets

    • Yes
    • No

    Debate 5 : Rectal Cancer with synchronous liver mets

    • Short course RT first
    • Liver first approach with RT at end

    Session conclusion – Take home message

  • 04.00PM – 05.30PM

    Session 5- Neuroendocrine Liver metastases


    • Update on the diagnostic pathology of neuroendocrine neoplasms
    • Surgery for neuroendocrine liver metastses – does the origin matter ?
    • Systemic treatment for metastatic NET
    • PRRT in unresectable liver metastases
    • Targeted agents Vs PRRT in Metastatic NET
    • Targeted agents
    • PRRT
    • Panel Discussion
    • Take home message
  • 05.30PM – 06.00PM

    Tea Break

  • 06.00PM Onwards

    Inaugural Function followed by Dinner

RGCON 2018, New Delhi Saturday 10th February 2018 (Hall B)

  • 10.00AM – 01.00PM

    Hands on Workshops

    • Hands on HPB workshop
    • Liver transection using CUSA / Waterjet

    Maximium 40 delegates (preference to trainees)

    • Pancreaticojejunostomy on harvested pancreas
    • Vascular anastmoses
    • Hepaticojejunostomy
    • Bowel anastmoses
    • Endotrainer
  • 06.00PM Onwards

    Inaugural Function followed by Dinner in Hall A

RGCON 2018, New Delhi Sunday 11th February 2018 (Hall A)

Theme: Liver Tumors: Primary & Secondary – “Dilemmas to Decision”

08.00 AM Onwards – State of Art Videos & Quiz

  • 09.00AM – 10.00AM

    Session 1 – Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    • Pathology of HCC – New molecular insights
    • Diagnostic and staging protocol – Status of PET
    • BCLC staging or HK staging – Which is better ?
    • AntiViral treatment – What Oncologists should know ?
    • Panel Discussion – Case scenarios (When to Bx , Mixed cholangio-HCC)
  • 10.00AM – 11.00AM

    Session 2 – HCC – Mangement – Debates

    Debate : Solitary HCC – 2-5cm, Child A- Which is the best option ?

    • Resection
    • RFA / Microwave
    • SBRT / Proton beam therapy

    Debate : BCLC B/C stage HCC

    • Resection
    • TACE / TARE
    • Sorafenib

    Debate : Resectable & with in Milan HCC

    • Resection
    • LDLT
  • 11.00AM – 11.30AM

    Tea/Coffee Break

  • 11.30AM – 12.30PM

    Session 3 – HCC – New developments

    • New targets and new agents in HCC
    • Recurrent HCC after LTx – What to do ?
    • Panel Discussion
    • Take Home message
  • 12.30PM – 01.45PM

    Session 4-Non Colorectal Non Neuroendocrine Liver Metastases & other tumors

    • Surgery for Non Colorectal Non Neuroendocrine Liver mets
    • Hepatoblastoma – Present guidelines
    • Surgery for benign liver tumors- When & What extent ?
    • Panel Discussion
    • Take home message
  • 01.45PM Onwards

    Valedictory Function followed by Lunch

Abstracts Submission Guidelines

  • All Abstracts will be considered & are to be sent for POSTER PRESENTATION.
  • All Abstracts to be submitted ELECTRONICALLY ONLY (via Online Portal @
  • Suitability for acceptance for the conference will be judged by a high-level national scientific committee – judgement of committee regarding acceptance / rejection shall be final and non-challengeable.
  • File name should be (Your Full Name_RGCON 2018) while submitting abstract.
  • Abstracts should be structured to include the following 4 sections:
    • Aims:
    • Material & Methods:
    • Results:
    • Conclusions:
  • One can submit more than one abstracts.
  • Abstracts once submitted shall not be available for editing.
  • Presenters shall be notified of acceptance of the abstract by email.
  • If the presenter wishes to withdraw the abstract, he/she can do so request in writing to conference secretariat (
  • All presenters are mandated to register for the conference and to be physically present during the designated poster viewing period.
  • Kindly use different password while submitting abstract. Do not use the same which you have used for conference registration.
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