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18th National Conference on Medical Records & Health Information Transformation

18th National Conference on Medical Records & Health Information Transformation
Delhi MAIT, Sector 22, Rohini,
15th - 16th
March 2018
Starts 8:00 am
Theme Digitalization of Medical Records, Clinical coding and Transformation of HIM


18th National Conference on Medical Records & Health Information Transformation

With immense pleasure we would like to inform you that the 18th Medical Record Conference “MEDRECON” -2018, is being held on Thursday & Friday, 15th-16th March at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Sector-22, Rohini, Delhi-110086. This is the second of its kind conference in the capital. It is jointly organized by Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Delhi and HERAI International Chapter in association with HERAI, India at Delhi. The conference is being held under the auspices of Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, Directorate of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, for the first time.

The organizing committee of MEDRECON-2018 has invited international speakers along with national resources, to share body of knowledge and reflections on HIM’s role in Health Information Governance, Meaningful Data, EHRT Transition and preparing Health Information Management Professionals in bridging HIT and Healthcare systems towards: better data, better health, better patient care out come and population management. Again,the partnership with CBHI would be creating the platform to build strategies to uplift HIM education and development and hence, to rightly position HIM profession in Digital Health, India.

We cordially invite you to participate in the said event and make the most of the vast academic feast for Medical Record Professionals and other health care professionals.

We look forward to maximum participation from your prestigious Institute/Hospital for the MEDRECON 2018.

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  • Held under the auspices of Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI), DGHS, MOH & FW, Govt. of India
  • International participation
  • Theme in line with National Initiatives on EHR & EHEALTH
  • Medical record transition to EMR in Government hospitals
  • Speakers from International HIM Organizations
  • Reflections sharing from HERAI International members & HIMS Practitioners
  • HIMS workshops for students and HIMS professionals
  • National & International Key note Speakers
  • Focused Topic & Panel Discussionson
    • HIMS role in effective EHR and HIT implementations
    • Clinical Coding & Clinical Documentation Improvement
    • SNOMEDCT Implementation
    • Health Information Governance
    • Role of HIMS in Public Health

Speaker Topics

  • EHR, HIM role in EHR Transition
  • HIM’s role in Clinical Transformation and Workflow Improvement
  • Data Analytics& Health Statistics
  • Clinical Coding& CDI
  • HIM Principles and Legal Aspects
  • Terminology Standards, SNOMED CT

    Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI), established in 1961, is the health intelligence wing of the Directorate General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health & FW, GOI with the vision to have “A strong Health Management Information System in entire country”. This national institution is headed by a SAG level medical officer with specialization in public health administration of Central health services (CHS), supported by officers from Indian Statistical Services as well as CHS and through its six field survey and training units.The Mission of CBHI is “To strengthen Health Information system in each of the district in the country up to facility level for evidence based decision making in the Health Sector”The Objectives of CBHI are:

  • To Collect, Analyze & disseminate Health Sector related data of the country for evidence based policy decisions, planning and research activities
  • To identify & disseminate innovative practices for Health Sector Reforms
  • To develop Human resource for scientifically maintaining medical records in both Government & private medical Institutes in India
  • To Carry Out Need Based Operational Research for Efficient implementation of Health Information System & use of Family of International Classifications in India.
  • To sensitize & create a pool of Master Trainers in Health sector for implementation of Family of International Classification in India
  • To collaborate with National & International Institutes for imparting knowledge & skill development
  • To function as collaborating centre for WHO FIC in India & SEARO countries

    Health Record Association of India (HERAI) is the first National Association of Medical Records Professionals. The association is registered with the Registrar of Societies in the year 2003. To date the association has members more than 500 life time members representing all over the country and 60 international members from six countries.Key objectives of HERAI are:

  • To work for legislative and legal validity of the profession.
  • To promote continuous education on Medical Records Science and Health Information Management among healthcare professionals and students
  • To conduct Medical Records and Health Information Management training program and yearly conference (MEDRECON) at different states of India
  • To connect with government organizations and accreditation boards to recommend and promote Medical Records/Health Information Management best practices in India
  • To link with International Professional Organizations to update body of knowledge in the field
  • To facilitate education on International Classification of Diseases in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO)

    HERAI International Chapter is an extension of HERAI national association with 70 HERAI members of HIM professionals working in Qatar, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Formed in 2016, the international chapter has been supporting HERAI’s mission to uplift Health Information Management (Medical Records Management) professionals in India.
    The international chapter members represent extensive experience and higher credentials in the field of HIM and Clinical Coding and they actively involved in 2016 and 2017 MEDRECON conferences held in Indore and Coimbatore respectively. With international experience and expertise in the modern health information management, representatives of international chapter shared their reflections and case studies on EHR, e-Health, Clinical Coding etc. Further, HERAI international facilitates in connecting HERAI with International HIM organizations to promote best practice and educational opportunities that support developing HIM professionals in India.

    It is with immense pleasure, the HERAI international chapter team co-organize MEDRECON 2018 with Rajiv Gandhi National Cancer Institute and Research Center and the Chapter considers it as a great privilege to become part of this venture under the guidance of HERAI

    Selvakumar Swamy
    Coordinator, HERAI International Chapter &
    Chair, Scientific Committee, MEDRECON 2018

Maharaj Agrasen Institute of Technology

Sector – 22, Rohini, Delhi-110086
Phone: +91 – 11- 65647742
Website :


    Mr. Rakesh Chopra
    Mr. Pramod Maheshwari
    Mr. D. S. Negi
    Dr. S. K. Rawal
    DR Gauri Kapoor
  • CBHI Dr. Madhu Raikwar
    Mr Deepak Goyal
    Mr. S N Singh
    Ms Achennaro
    Ms. Vineetho O.K.
  • HERAi Mr.Suresh Carleton Mr. C. Govindarajan Mr. Selvakumar Swamy Mr. Wilson Thaya G
  • Chairman Conference Dr Sunil Khetarpal
  • Event Management
    Dr Sujita Kumari
    Ms.Swarnima Jaitly
    Mr. Sachendra Bajpai
  • Chairman Organizing Committee Mr. J.P Dwivedi
  • Organising Secretary Mr. K.S.Rana
  • Transport & Accommodation Mr. D.P.Tyagi
    Dr Amit Malik
    Mr.Suresh TK
  • Scientific CommitteeMr.Selvakumar Swamy
    Mr.Vijay Kumar
    Mr.Saki John
  • Reception CommitteeMr Manoj Chauhan
    Ms Satyaveeri Devi
    Neeraj Sharma
    Mr.Anoop Kaushik
  • Souvenir Committee Mr. Debasis Routray
    Mr. Ravichandran V.
    Mr. M.K.Dhar
    Mr.Pradeep Kumar
    Mr.Abdul Rehaman
  • International Co-OrdinationMr. T.Nityakirubhakaran, UAE
    Mr.Mujeeb C Kandy, Qatar
    Mr. Manimaran S.,UAE
    Mr. Jobu Masilamani,Qatar
    Mr. S. Deenadayalan,UAE
  • Conference Secretariat Ms.Sunidhi Kohli
    Mr.Nikunj Sharma
    Mr.Rajan Makkar
  • Executive CommitteeDr. G.D.Mogli,Hydrabad
    Mrs.Patty S.Lingdoh,AIIMS,Delhi
    Mr. D.Sanna Veerabhadrappa,Bellary
    Mr. Madhumohan,TMH,Mumbai
    Mr. T.D. Dhamija, Delhi
    Mr. Jeganathan S., Chennai
    Mr. S.Eswaran, Chennai
    Mr.C.S. Singh,Gurugram
    Mr Deepak Saini, Punjab
    Mr. Kailash Srivastava, U.P.
    Mr. N.V. Prasad Reddy, Tirupati
    Mr. Eden Jeyaroy Y., Pondicherry
    Mr. Mallika, Pondicherry
    Mr.A. Lakshmanan, Pondicherry
    Mrs. Mary Watson, Vellore
    Mr. Amesh Jebraj, Chennai
    Mr. Arif Mohmad, AIIMS Patna
    Dr. S.C.Gupta, Delhi
    Mrs. Sushila Devi
    Ms. Puja Singh, Delhi
    Mohd. Khalid, U.P.
    Mr. R.K. Kaul,Delhi,Mr. S.Deivaseeli, Coimbatore
    Mr. S. Chellappa, Chennai
  • Clinical Coding Quality Improvement
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • HIM Innovations & Transformations/HIM Education and Development
  • Data Analytics and Data Quality Improvement
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