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    Cancer Sahyog is the emotional support group of the Indian cancer Society, Delhi Branch. Cancer Sahyog provides emotional supports, financial supports to poor patients and their family members.

    CanKids is a not for profit organization of over 300 people (volunteers and employees) and works on all aspects to enable best standards of treatment care and support services for children with cancer (age 0-21) and their families from moment of diagnosis through treatment and after into survivorship on the one hand and palliative care, terminal and bereavement support on the other.


    Emergency department is located on ground floor of institute. It is a 5 bedded unit offering best Oncological initial and emergency treatment round the clock. We provide a consultant led 24 resuscitation facilities. We treat and access within minutes of patient arrival with referral and assessment by other departments if deemed necessary.


    Patient can pay his bill using different means as per his comfort and laws governed by government of India. Different modes of payment are cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and online payment through our website (

    For the ease of payment for different services at different counters within RGCI&RC, RGCI Smart Card facility is also available. One time amount can be deposited in RGCI smart card at the time of entry in RGCI&RC. Payment can be done using RGCI smart card at different counter for different services. Before exit patient can get his remaining amount back from cash counter. RGCI smart card is applicable within RGCI&RC only.


    Patient / Attendant need to deposit id / address proof during registration. In case of corporate / insured patient, He needs to provide multiple documents at TPA desk. To help patient / attendant Photocopier facility are available in reception area on payment basis.


    A luggage room is build at Gate number 2 of institute to facilitate Patient / Attendant to keep their extra luggage.


    To avoid long queue for new patient registration, patient / attendant, can do online temporary registration from institute website (www. Also patient / Attendant can take OPD appointment for a Doctor for any location. An appointment confirmation SMS will be delivered at Patient registered phone number.

    Patient / attendant needs to report his arrival at helpdesk in reception area and get his OPD card and report on OPD counter in his respective OPD for OPD consultation.


    To help patient / attendant for immediate cash need two ATM machines, one from Axes bank and another from Yes Bank, are installed in reception area of the institute. Patients / attendant as well as employee of institute can use them as and when needed.


    Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Delhi is the destination for a very large number of cancer patients, not only from India, but also from Abroad. Patients from several countries have been visiting the Institute for Advanced Cancer Care.

    An international helpdesk is established and operational in institute reception area to help and facilitate international patient in registration and consultation. Any patient from overseas is welcome to consult our Consultants at our centre. it will be preferable to contact us on email

    The recommended duration of visa to stay in India will be determined by medical requirements, and conveyed to you by the International Patient Coordinator.


    In order to make the child’s stay and treatment in the hospital as pleasant as possible, the Pediatric Oncology Department has established a Playroom on the second floor for Pediatric patients. It is equipped with a TV, Computer, Videogames, many Books and Various Toys. Children are free to use the playroom during their visits to the hospital. They may even receive short chemotherapy here, as there is a nurse stationed there.


    At the time of room allotment, you will be provided with sterilized patient dress which will be changed every day to maintain the hygiene of the patient. You are required to wear the same during your hospital stay. You will also be provided with a toiletry kit in the ward on your arrival.


    Patient’s attendants can avail laundry facility on payment basis.


    Before any invasive or surgical procedure, biopsy, blood transfusion, or chemotherapy administration a consent form will be given to you. Please make sure that you have carefully read the consent form & fully understood it.


    We have an in-house pharmacy where all the medicines available are genuine and all the requisite conditions to maintain the potency of the drug, especially for those drugs where maintaining of cold chain is a must, are made available .Patient or attendant can give their prescription to the pharmacy porters deputed in all w a r d s, who will make the medicine available by the patient’s bedside.


    A team of dedicated pharmacist is available for mixing the chemo drugs and radioactive drugs in a very controlled and automated environment. All Cytotoxic Medicine are prepared or mixed in Aseptic and Sterile Condition under the Bio Safety Cabinet for the Safety of Patient, Safety of Employee & Safety of Environment.

    All Cytotoxic Medicine are prepared by Volume as well Weight procedure for the accuracy of dose, because chemo medicine is extremely potent in nature.


    Reports of all investigations carried out on OPD basis will be available at Central Report Dispatch Collection Counter at the Main Reception (Ext. No. 2076) as per time given. In case of any delay in the dispatch of report you may contact the Front Desk. In case of In-patients, the reports will be sent directly to wards to be filed in the patient’s medical record.

    In case you are admitted you are requested to make sure that you have received copy of all the investigation reports that you have undergone in the present admission before leaving the hospital. In case of any doubt please ask your assigned nurse. A copy of final report of all the investigations is generally given to the patients by the staff nurse on regular basis. In case finalization of a report is pending at the time of discharge, that report can be collected from Central Report Dispatch Collection Counter on your next visit.

    Report can be downloaded from institute websites ( As soon as a report is reviewed and approved by our doctor, A SMS will be delivered to patient’s registered phone number with login id, password and report URL. You can view / download the report from there.


    Attendants of the patients are advised to get benefited from Preventive Oncology Service while they are attending I accompanying their patient in the hospital. Social worker from the Preventive Oncology Department gives health talks in all patient areas with primary focuses on creating awareness among the public about the need to screen for early detection of cancer. Preventive Oncology OPD provides screening for three most common cancers (Breast, Cervix, and Oral cancers) at highly subsidized rates. Regular OPD is conducted from Monday to Saturday.

    These screening services are also rendered weekly through community based cancer detection camps (outreach basis) in Gender Resource Centers in collaboration with NCT of Delhi. The Department organizes training programs for health workers on prevention and early detection of cancer. Ph.: +91-11-47022053.


    In addition to therapeutic & diagnostic services, the Institute also provides supportive services particularly to terminally ill patients. As a part of this program a team consisting of a physician, a clinical psychologist and a nurse visit the terminally ill patients to provide them Medical, Nursing & Psychological support at regular intervals and provide them free medicines & nutrients, Ph.: +91-11-47022007.


    RGCI&RC extends counseling services to its patients. For psychological support and further discussions, please speak to our Counseling team in Old building, ground floor (adjacent to Casualty). Ph.: +91-11-47022007


    The devotional music is played from 6 AM to 9 AM, while soft instrumental music is played from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 5 PM to 9 PM. However, the music is switched off from 1 PM to 5 PM, to allow our patients’ to rest.


    Keeping in mind the cultural & religious beliefs of our patients &their families, we have a meditation I prayer room in basement, Old building.


    All patient meals are planned in line with the diet prescribed by the treating team and well trained competent dieticians accommodating patient’s choices as far as possible. Room service for attendants is also available (Please contact Ext. No. 2043 for kitchen & 2045 for Dietician) for any clarifications/discussions. NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED.

    Please note: after you occupying the allocated bed it takes us minimum 1 hour to serve the first diet.


    The Visitors’ cafeteria at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre is open 7days a week for service from 08.00 am to 09.30 pm. Along with this beverage vending machines are also placed on each floor for your convenience.

    Café Coffee day counter is available in Front office area to provide readily available snacks and beverages in between 08:00 to 9:30 PM.


    The visiting hours for meeting the patient in wards are 05:00 pm – 07:00 pm. While admitting each patient, one attendant is permitted. Since cancer patients are severely immune compromised, strict infection control demands least number of people in patient areas. Therefore, at the time of admission you will be provided with two passes – a Visitor Pass (valid for visiting hours) and an Attendant Pass valid for stay of one attendant with the patient. Both the passes expire after 5 days of being issued & have to be renewed subsequently. Any attendant found in the patient room without the pass shall be made to leave the premises immediately.

    Visiting Hours in SICU Morning: 08:00am 08:30am Evening: 05:30pm to 06:30pm

    Visiting Hours in MICU, HDU Morning: 08:00am 08:30am Evening: 04:00pm to 04:30pm


    We create your medical record with a unique identification number (CR. No.), update and preserve it with utmost care and confidentiality. Duration of record keeping are:

    • For OPD and IPD patients: 5 years from the last date of visit & day of discharge respectively.
    • In case of death or any legal matter: 10 years.
    • Onetime OPD visit with no diagnosis of cancer: 1 year.

    The Medical record of a patient can be accessed as per Hospital Medical Record Policy.


    We value your inputs in the form of suggestions or comments on your experiences during your stay in the hospital. Please drop your suggestions/comments in the drop boxes placed in each wing of the OPD area and wards near the nursing counters. All the information in the feedback forms, including patient particulars are kept confidential & used solely for the purpose of continuous improvement. Anything that needs immediate attention can be communicated to DMS / Administrator on duty at “¢6051 from your room.


    Wifi/ internet facility is available on request. Patient/attendant has to submit an identity proof, filed requisition form (available at cash counter) and pay the service charges at cash counter. Within a short while of request process completion patient/attendant will be issued a guest password for his/her laptop. The service will be provided for 24 hours from the time of submitting the password. In case of further assistance, please contact your Front Office Executives / Ward Executives.


    Ambulance services are available round the clock, on payment basis. In case of any requirement please contact Front Desk/ Reception or call +91-1147022222/ +91-7042088779 (from outside).


    TPA Help Desk assists you in documentation of your cashless procedure. All the dealings with respect to Medical Insurance are handled by the TPA Help Desk only. Approval of the cashless treatment lies with the concerned TPA.

    Patient /Attendants are requested to obtain the pre-request form from TPA Help Desk by showing the TPA-ID card / updated policy papers and submit pre-request form duly filled, signed and stamped by the treating doctor within 24 hours of admission. The completed form will then be processed by TPA Help Desk for approval from the respective TPAs. You must enter your contact address, telephone number and mobile numbers in your TPA documents. TPA Help Desk will intimate you about Approvals/denials of your request by TPA. Initial approval / response generally take at least 5 – 6 hours and final approval takes at least 3 – 4 hours.

    • In case the patient gets admitted without prior approval, they have to pay a minimum token amount, which is refundable at the time of discharge once the approval is received
    • Patient enrolled with TPA should take room accommodation according to the entitlement limit provided by their respective TPA. If they desire to take higher category accommodation the difference will be borne by the TPA card holder.
    • If admitted without approval, the hospital will not be responsible for any denial from the concerned TPA. In such a case full payment is to be made by the patient
    • Non admissible items like zero dialing telephone facility (on request), private nurse, ambulance etc. are not included in the TPA bill. The cost will be borne by the patient, if the facility is availed.
    • Original investigation reports of all diagnostic procedures including X-Ray, USG, CT-Scan, MRI films etc. are to be submitted to TPA Help Desk.

    TPA Contact No.: +91-11- 4702 2608 Timings: 09:00 am to 08:00 pm

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