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Invitation For Rate Quotations For Its In-House Pharmacy

Materials: All Kind Of Branded Pharmaceutical Drugs, Surgical Consumables, & Other Pharmacy Items

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Sector V, Rohini, Delhi – 110 085 is a leading Cancer Care Hospital in South Asia, dedicated to cancer only. The institute will start its own In-House Pharmacy, to dispense all pharmaceutical drugs and consumables w.e.f April 1, 2018.Therefore, its management invites rate quotation for above said items from well-established and experienced pharma manufacturing companies following good manufacturing practices.

Institutional/ Wholesale Suppliers too can submit their ‘Offer for Supply’ for above mentioned Pharmacy Items for the companies for those they are Authorized Institutional Distributors.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute at present has 302 beds capacity and it is likely to be expanded to about 500 beds. In addition it has a 30 bedded branch hosp in Niti Bagh, South Delhi.

In view, for special requirements of cancer set up in terms of consumables and medicines, the prospective pharma companies/vendors, willing to be associated with RGCI&RC will have a huge potential for growth. The following is time line for the submission of quotations:



From date

To Date

Submission of ‘Rate Quotation’



Submission of ‘Quality Testimonials’



Finalisation Meetings on ‘Rate Contract’

Nov -17

Contracts Sign Ins
Procurement of Initial stocks

 Dec- 17


  • The dates of schedule as indicated above is final
  • The RGCI&RC assures complete confidentiality of your bids
  • Any extraneous steps to influence in bid evaluation & decision making process will entail rejection of quotations
  • You may please find a downloadable excel file herewith. It has 4 sheets for filling the details of your brands and rate offers for major ‘Generic Description.’ You are required to fill these and send by mail to following e-mail:


  • For items those are not covered in detailed ‘Generic Description’ lists, Price quotations, in the following format of columns can be sent.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Sr. Full Brand/ Trade Name Generic Name Strength Dosage Form Pack or Size MRP Spl. PRICE to RGCI&RC GST% Any Trade/ Comm. Discount Tade Scheme DPCO
Y/ N
Patient Support Scheme Own Manufacture/
third party contract

  • Thereafter same price quotation, in hard copy are to be submitted along with Quality Testimonials in the office of authority mentioned below
  • You may please note that the process of inviting quotations and its evaluations is only a Price Enquiry exercise, there lies no obligation on both sides till on basis of these formal ‘Rate-Supply contracts’ are signed, those will bear their own terms & conditions. Till then hospital reserves the rights to recall or post-pone the Price Quotation Calling exercise, without assigning any reasons.
  • Arbitration & Jurisdiction : though this exercise is mere invitation of Price Quotations, yet dispute or differences, if any arises, shall be referred for sole arbitration by any person to be nominated by the C.E.O. of RGCI&RC;

  Disputes, if any, shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi Courts.

  • Standard Fall clause shall be applied to the quotations and the ‘Rate Contract’ thereafter

QUALITY / TECHNICAL TESTIMONIALS (to be submitted in self attested hard copies to following authority)

  • Bio-similar & Bio-availability study reports
  • Recent Batch analysis certificates of Key brands
  • Latest certifications of nature of GMP, USFDA, WHO, ISO, DCGI, Plant, Lab, & Process Quality approvals & Credentials
  • Any awards or ranking acclamations of excellence in Industry body meets, or surveys
  • Mention of Institutions / Hospitals where your Brands has very good acceptance and business
  • Any other proofs to claim a better quality of yours products
  • Annual turnovers of your key / star brands

The details of the company/vendor in terms of its turnover/ Quality Assurance / and annual audited report should also be submitted along with these.

Any Query about the process can be referred at RGCI&RC to GM-Materials Dept., 011-47022631 or AGM Pharmacy 011-47022632

Dr. Sudhir Rawal
Medical Director
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre
Sector -5, Rohini, Delhi 110085


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