Uro and Gynae Oncology

Uro and Gynae Oncology

Uro Oncology as a subspecialty is an evolving field where more and more Urologists and Surgical Oncologists are focusing on ‘Oncology in Urology’. This speciality has existed at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre since its inception in 1996 and has been constantly developed by Dr. Sudhir Rawal.

This is a referral center for Uro - Oncology and sees a number of patients with Carcinoma Bladder, Metastatic and early Carcinoma Prostate and patients with recurrent disease. RGCI & RC was the first hospital in private sector where Radical Prostatectomy was started in India. The unit deals with all kinds of Cancers in Urology and performs all types of operations i.e. Radical Nephrectomy, Extended Radical Nephrectomy, Radical Prostatectomy, Radical Cystoprostatectomy with Ileal Neobladder / Conduit, Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection, Ilioinguinal Lymph Node dissection, HIFU for Carcinoma Prostate and many more.

Dr. Rawal has innovated the Surgical Technique of Pitcher’s Pot Ileal Neobladder Reconstruction, and is presently doing the maximum number of neobladders in South East Asia.He is also credited for doing first Perineal Radical Prostatectomy in India and first Minilap Radical cystoprostatectomy in World. The Department is open to Observership Academic Programmes for a period ranging from 2 weeks to 3 months.

The Department acquired Da Vinci Robotic System in 2011. Radical Prostatectomy, Radical Cystectomy, Radical Nephrectomy and VEIL are being done with Robotic Assistance, and we hope that, this will enable our Urologists to scale new heights in providing Surgical Care to the patients.

In addition to Uro-Oncology Dr. Sudhir Rawal is also Chief of Gynae-Oncology.Both these subspecialities are lead by him and he is ably assisted by Dr.Samir Khanna in Uro-Oncology and Dr. Rupinder Sekhon and Dr. Shweta Giri in Gynae-Oncology. Gynae-Oncology has evolved as a major subspeciality over years in the Institute since its establishment .The team performs Radical Hysterectomy (Type I,II,III) Exenterations Vaginectomy,Vulvectomy and Endoscopic Inguinalfemoral Lymphnode Dissection (VEIL/RVEIL) ,Extensive Debulking Ovarian Cancer Surgery, Peritonectomy,Intraperitoneal Chemoport and HIPEC in Ovarian Cancer.

We are the pioneers in Robotic Radical Hysterectomy, Robotic VEIL and Robotic second look Surgery.

The Department probably deals with the largest volume of Gynae Cancers in India with world class Surgical Care.


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