HR Philosphy

HR Philosphy

Commitment To Our Culture, Mission And Values
  • The patient and his / her family is primary reason for our existence.
  • We will always put his / her interests first and strive to alleviate the suffering and give comfort. We will constantly improve methods, increase efficiency and update knowledge and technology.
  • Every member of the institute, irrespective of position or length of service, will be respected, encouraged to grow and motivated to excel.
  • We are committed to co-operate and collaborate with the entire medical community and to share our knowledge and experience.

Commitment to our Patients
  • To be unfailingly sincere and courteous, willing and helpful
  • To highlight our values and services
  • To go that extra mile and make our organization humane

Commitment To Human Resource Development
  • The essence of our commitment to HRD is that, we believe that every employee is the most valuable assets, which unlike other physical assets will gain value in time, given the appropriate organizational support and environment.
Commitment To Peak Performers
  • To better past records year after year

Our Objectives
  • To bring the ultimate in CANCER CARE within the reach of our patients
  • To Endeavour to set new Medicare standards, by introducing facilities that can be compared with best anywhere.
  • To uphold our vision, which is to practice committed medicine and a humane approach.
  • To make the institute a referral centre for the whole of subcontinent, by establishing contact with the medical community.

Instruction For Employees
  • Record attendance at the time of office (before resuming duty and after leaving from duty)
  • Being on time
  • Absence without Leave – No employee will be absent without a proper leave.
  • Always wear your identity card while in the institute.
  • Every employee will adhere to the rules and regulations, as specified, from time to time.


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