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How you can help

The rate at which cancer is affecting people now-a-days has touched an all time high due to sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of exercise and addiction to tobacco, alcohol etc.  India has also set its foot firmly towards the step to eradicate this treacherous disease. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute has evidently contributed and achieved immense cancer related solutions that has given a ray of hope. The government on the other hand has played an active role in setting up various donation programme’s across the country. Some of the features of the donation programme’s run by the government are:

  • The donations are exempted under U/S 35(1)(2) [up to 175% exemption].
  • Adoption of possible cancer patient where in a certain amount is paid by the donor and the rest is arranged from the other sources.
  • Getting entitled for the health check up scheme at a very nominal fee.

As citizens it is also our duty to give our contribution to our level best as the  support we give will enhance and motivate the people suffering from this disease. 

Make a donation

At Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute there are different ways to donate the aliening community.  One way is to donate online using a secure payment service; nearly all the premier banks endorse this facility. The other way is to donate using cheques or demand draft drawn in favor of the cancer institute; these donations are exempted under section 35 (i) (ii) of Income Tax. Also one can collect the tax exemption certificate along with the donation receipt.  These payments support the poor patients who are not able to sustain the high-end treatment for cancer eradication.
Cancer research institutes all over the world need huge funds for their research activities. In depth studies are on to understand every aspect of the disease. Conference and symposiums are held where scientists participate and engage views on recent trends; extensive researches done on different types of cancer; its causes and treatment benefits. Many corporate bodies are donating money for research. The treatment of cancer can be long and expensive henceforth, financial hardships are the major concern. The problems faced are such that the affected individuals and family members experience immense negative emotions that hamper the treatment of the disease and the ability to aim on their recovery. Therefore stress related to finances can present serious consequences.


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