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Counseling Services

Counseling is an integral element of Oncology treatment. Diagnosis of Cancer is devastating for patients as well as relations. Patients have a whole plethora of queries in their minds pertaining to their survival, success of the treatment, changes in their life, their life after cancer, their relationship with their spouse, children, work relationships, finances etc. Patients do speak to their doctors as well as Nurses, but someone who can understand each phase they are going through is a Counsellor.

A counselor is trained to listen to the patient and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems that he might face. Many a times, in Paediatric cases for instance, the family,members need to be counseled more than the patient himself. A lot of it also influences the compliance to the treatment. At Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research centre, counseling department plays a key role in integrating patients with their relations, care providers as well as people with similar disease (Cancer survivors group).

A comprehensive psychological assessment is done for every newly diagnosed case in coordination with Treating team. A detailed psycho-therapeutic plan is chalked out and patient is given sessions. At follow ups, patient is re assessed periodically.

We do Counseling individually, in family or in groups. The following areas are extensively covered by our Counseling team:

  • Preventive Counselling
  • Breaking the bad news to the patient & relations
  • Ensuring the patient understands the extent of disease and that treatment is possible
  • Compliance to treatment
  • Pre admission Counseling
  • Pre and Post Surgery counseling
  • Pre and Post Bone marrow transplant
  • Pediatric Counseling
  • Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care
  • Speech Therapy etc.
Counseling Department is in touch with the cancer survivor’s group, who periodically motivates patients through periodic group therapy sessions. The Counseling services team at RGCI & RC can be reached at


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