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Image Guided Interventions

Image Guided Interventions

Our principal strength in image guided interventions and RF ablation is well recognized with large scale referrals coming from multiple hospitals and institutions in the country. We follow international safety guidelines for all such procedures. We have a counseling service to explain the procedure to patients who need a biopsy or RF ablation. Most procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis and the patient stays in daycare for about 4 hours. Our yield rates for biopsies and FNACs are in the range of 96%.

Breast Interventions

At RGCI & RC we are fully equipped to provide you with comprehensive breast diagnostic services. Our reports indicate the level of suspicion for cancer based on American College of Radiology BIRADS categories. Apart from the USG guided FNACs and Biopsies, stereotactic biopsy procedures and guided wire localizations are also performed. In cases an abnormality is detected on MR Mammography, we also have state of the art MR Guided biopsy system.

Transarterial Chemo Embolization (TACE)

Transarterial Chemo Embolization Therapy involves administration of chemotherapy directly to the liver tumor via a catheter. With this technique, the chemotherapy targets the tumor while sparing the patient many side effects of traditional chemotherapy that is given to the whole body. We are routinely performing TACE in primary and metastatic liver cancers.


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