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Treating Liver Tumors without Surgery
Radiofrequency Ablation at RGCIRC

If you have a small liver cancer of less than 5cm in size or small metastases to the liver from colon, breast or other cancers you may well be a candidate for RFA

Our RFA Team
» Dr Arvind Chaturvedi
» Dr S A Rao
» Mr Swatantra Kumar Tiwari

Experts at RGCIRC have pioneered the technique of Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) to treat tumors. We were the first to introduce this revolutionary technology nearly 14 years ago and have so far treated more than 500 patients.

RFA is a relatively new treatment modality in cancer where thermal energy is used to kill cancerous tissue. It is a technique that causes cancer tissue death by a process of heating. RFA has been specialy used to treat liver cancers. It is very successful in small primary liver cancers as well as metastatic liver cancers. Expert team at RGCIRC has deployed this technique to treat primary and secondary lung tumors, bone tumors, and small kidney tumors, and have had good success rates. Even lung, bone and kidney tumors can be treated using RFA.

Please consult your doctor to know if you are a candidate and will benefit from RFA.

Often RFA is combined with chemotherapy for better results. In many situations RFA is a painless alternative to surgery without the trauma and hospitalization. Sometimes your medical condition may not allow you to undergo surgery. In these circumstances, RFA is an ideal technique. It requires hospitalization for a day and does not require general anesthesia. You will have to undergo some tests before the procedure and will be discharged the day after RFA.

Treatment of liver cancer in progress

Our RFA experts will be happy to discuss with you the procedure or any concern that you may have.

Call RFA helpline at 011-47022141 and ask for details.


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