Department of Radiology - An Overview

An Overview

Dr. Arvind K. Chaturvedi

Chair Radiology

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Dr. S Avinash Rao

Director Radiology

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Dr. Dibyamohan Hazarika

Ground Floor, Radiology Department, Old Building.


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Radiology Team consists of 10 radiologists and 5 in training. We promote an organ and system based sub specialty approach in line with International practice. Our team of competent technicians has been imparted professional and soft skills training to meet the specific needs of our patients. Nursing care and counseling services have been integrated into the department to make it complete.

The Department

It is a well equipped department with state-of-the-art technology which compares with the best in the world. A fully functional PACS with secure private cloud storage in a complete digital environment for all our diagnostic imaging services makes it a unique facility. Our turnaround time for all reports is less than 24 hours. Our principal strengths are our expertise in dealing with oncology patients and optimized imaging protocols conforming to international practice. Our practice of crisp clinically oriented reports helps our clinicians in the right decision making. Our staff is involved in carrying out most bed side interventional procedures. Our contribution in patient management through active participation in multi specialty clinics and tumour board meetings sets us apart.

Services Available

  • Comprehensive review of all imaging studies even if not performed in house. For our patients we scan their outside imaging studies and integrate with in house studies on PACS under one unique identity (CR number)
  • X rays (Computed Radiography) and special procedures which are stored on PACS and cloud.
  • MRI with multiple imaging protocols relevant to oncology
  • Multiphase CT Scans, CT Angiography and Virtual Endoscopy
  • Hepatic imaging with segmentation and volume estimation for surgical planning.
  • CT or Ultrasound Guided biopsy / FNAC / pleural and ascites aspirations/catheter drainage and other Interventional procedures
  • PET CT scans and PET guided biopsies
  • Target delineation and fiducial placement to optimize IGRT and IMRT outcomes
  • Therapeutic embolization and TACE, biliary drainage procedures
  • Target delineation and fiducial placement to optimize IGRT and IMRT outcomes
  • Ablation and celiac plexus plexus blocks for pain management
  • Colour Doppler, Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) and 12 core prostate biopsy
  • Full field digital mammography, Digital breast tomosynthesis, CAD, Stereotactic Biopsy/FNAC of breast / wire localization of non palpable lesions in the breast
  • RF ablation to treat tumours in liver, lung, kidney, bone and soft tissue
  • Treatment response evaluation assessment (RECIST)
  • Bone densitometry (Dexa scan)

+91-11-47022023 to book an appointment
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+91-11-47022273 for enrolling in academic courses
To avoid inconvenience book an appointment for CT scan, mammography, MRI, ultrasound or X-ray.

OPD patients to collect reports from the central report dispatch counter in the lobby area.

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