About Biorepository - A Resource for Research

About Biorepository - A Resource for Research


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCI & RC) has established a world class biorepository to meet the needs of scientific community focused on cancer and allied research. We offer biospecimens to investigators in RGCI & RC and other institutes to accelerate research into cancer. The biorepository collects a wide variety of tumor tissue as well as adjacent normal tissue from surgical resections done at RGCI & RC. Tissue associated buffy coat and plasma are also collected. Investigators can request tissue(s), associated buffy coat and plasma from the biorepository with an approved institutional letter.
We are committed to use donated sample in research in such a manner that respect the rights of participants and meet the ethical and legal obligations. Patients are presented with a consent form which requests them to donate tissue and blood. Tissue samples are collected fresh, typically within 25 minutes of surgical resection and classified grossly by the Pathology Department. The samples are then frozen in cryovials and stored at -180°C. Blood is collected in K2EDTA (purple top) Vacutainers and centrifuged to isolate plasma and buffy coat which are also stored at -180°C.

We also bank various biospecimens from any type of cancer, in a manner suggested by the concerned investigator/researcher.

Our Objectives :-

  • To facilitates the conduct of high quality translational research that helps to enhance human health and well-being.
  • To ensure that donated materials are used for scientific research in our lab and outside.
  • To ensure efficient management and a fair distribution of biosamples entrusted to the organization.
  • To protect donor right and privacy by removing its identity from clinical information, this will be stored in a secure data base.

Contact Us :

Dr. Anurag Mehta
Director - Laboratory Services
Ph.: +91-11-4702 2403

Ms. Swarnima Jaitley,
Principal Research Officer
Ph.: +91-11-4702 2619

Dr. Birendra Kumar Yadav
Scientist cum Technical Manager
Ph.: +91-11-4702 2432


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