True Beam at RGCI & RC

True Beam at RGCI & RC


Change is the essence of life. And so is true for cancer and its treatment. Innovation and intuitive thinking has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of radiotherapy. Evolution in imaging modalities, treatment planning systems, beam delivery and treatment verification has allowed radiation oncologists to widen the scope for offering curative radiation doses and reirradiating recurrent tumors while respecting normal tissue constraints. Keeping up with our motto of keeping pace with the latest and providing quality care to the patients, we decided to acquire the True Beam STx  in the Department of Radiation Oncology  at RGCI & RC.

True BeamSTx (Varian Medical Systems) offers integrated imaging, beam delivery and motion management with unmatched precision and accuracy.

High Points of True Beam

  • Absence of flattening filters: as IMRT treatments require a heteregenous dose distribution and steep dose gradients outside the target volumes, absence of flattening filters in the path of the beam can considerably reduce treatment time by achieving a maximum dose rate of 2400 MU/min
  • Choice of three photon energies (6,10 and 15 MV) and four electron energies(6,9,12 and15 MeV) widens the choice for beam selection during planning
  • Availability of high definition multileaf collimator (HDMLC) consisting of 120 leaves with a leaf thickness of 25 mm each allows improved dose conformity around the target volume and sparing of organs at risk. This will allow us to perform SRS (Stereotactic Radio Surgery), SRT (Stereotactic Radiation Therapy)  and SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) with excellent precision and accuracy
  • Rapid Arc technology allows delivery of radiation with simultaneous movement of gantry and MLCs, thereby reducing the treatment time per patient
  • Integration of Gating (synchronizing tumor motion with dosing and continous imaging) with Rapid Arc allows better tumor motion management for stereotactic body radiotherapy in cases of lesions situated in the lung, breast, liver and gall bladder. It also allows reduction in the volume of irradiation of normal lung when compared with large ITV (Internal Target Volume) based approaches
  • Jaw tracking with Rapid Arc reduces the low dose bath to the surrounding normal tissues
  • Continous imaging (2D/3D) during treatment improves precision of delivery. Live fluoro images can be generated and images may be stored as a video

  • User friendly and intelligent interface
    > It can link up to 10 treatment fields in a given patient so that the therapist need not wait for each field to be loaded. This allows the therapist to concentrate more on the patient

Using SmartSegmentation knowledge-based contouring, the oncologist can take advantage of built-in expert cases or create his own expert cases.

It has been integrated with the ARIA information system and ECLIPSETM treatment planning system to simplify planning and manage treatment workflows.

Integration with SmartAdapt  deformable registration algorithms will allow the clinician to account  for anatomical changes in the target volumes and organs at risk during the course of radiation.

6 Degrees of Couch Freedom is designed to advance patient positioning during radiotherapy and radiosurgery procedures by providing two additional rotational motion axes: pitch and roll, thereby enabling enhanced accurate target positioning and precise beam delivery and may reduce treatment margins in select clinical cases.

It will offer more convenience for the patient by shortening treatment periods with a dose rate of up to 2400 MU/minute with FFF (Flattening Filter Free) mode. A Standard IMRT treatment that lasts 10-15 minutes normally can be completed in a time shorter than two minutes. A complex radiosurgery operation which lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours can be completed in 5-20 minutes.

TrueBeam device is superior to other radiotherapy devices, because it can perform radiotherapy and radiosurgery on the same platform. Since, dose rate can be increased up to 8 fold compared to other linear accelerators, it can perform RapidArc more rapidly. 

It increases the probability of hitting the target by giving less time for tumor movement during dose delivery that is performed in a very short time: sensitivity of TrueBeam system is less than 1 millimeter. This accuracy is provided by the sophisticated structure of the system which forms a new synchronization level among technologies of imaging, positioning, management of movement, shaping of irradiation and dose delivery with accuracy control every 10 milliseconds throughout treatment. As the treatment is continued, more than 1,00,000 data points are observed continuously and it is ensured that the system maintains a “right isocenter”. This increased sensitivity level enables the physician to treat a tumor inside a continuously moving organ with a high accuracy.

True Beam will allow us to treat upto 60-70 patients in a day with 3-DCRT/IMRT/IGRT/SRS/SRT with or without gating. We have executed SRT and SBRT treatment on True Beam for our patients on 24th July, 2013.

With yet another feather in the cap of RGCI & RC, we hope to continue being one of the leading radiation oncology centres in India.

Dr. S. K. Sharma, Dr. Swarupa Mitra, Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Anjali Kakria
(Team Radiation Oncology)


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