Information for Researchers

Information for Researchers

Biosamples are collected, documented, stored and processed according to standard operating procedures. Highly annotated (pathological, imaging & clinical data) tumor specimens along with corresponding normal tissue from same patient are available. Buffy coat and plasma are also provided. The tissue bank can also provide paraffin tissue block of cancerous and normal tissue. The Biorepository offers tissue banking services as required by any investigator group including collection of sample in RNA later/ immediate RNA and DNA extraction.

The RGCI&RC Biorepository is committed to maintain the highest standards in the services
  1. Only de identified information will be released.
  2. Age, Sex, and Diagnosis will be released for all tissue. Apart from initial annotations follow up data will be released at discretion of the Biorepository
  3. A copy of the protocol, including research methods, must be supplied with the RGCI&RC Biorepository Tissue Request Form.
  4. Requests will be reviewed by the Tissue Release Board (TRB) of the RGCI&RC.
The list of cancer sample available for research at the RGCIRC Biorepository is below.   For Information, please click

Sites Samples Numbers
(Total number - 458)
Tumor Tissue 1241
Normal Tissue 1266
Buffy coat 385
Plasma 511
Kidney (RCC)
(Total number =55 )
Tumor Tissue 141
Normal Tissue 126
Buffy coat 52
Plasma 64
Gall Bladder (GB)
(Total number =2 )
Tumor Tissue 6
Normal Tissue 6
Buffy coat 1
Plasma 2

Please click for Requisition Form 1

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For RGCI & RC Investigators:

Please note that samples will be issued only to those projects passed by Scientific Committee, RGCI & RC and have a Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Attach a copy of IRB approval along with the Requisition Form.

For requests from other Institutes:

Please send duly filled & signed Material Transfer Agreement Form along with the Requisition Form, copy of IRB approval and a soft copy of Project Proposal for which tissues are being asked for.

Please click for Material Transfer Agreement Form

Send your duly filled and signed Requisition Form / Material Transfer Agreement Form to

Department of Laboratory and Transfusion Services - Biorepository

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center
Sector - 5, Rohini
Delhi - 110 085, India
Scan and Mail to:

Though, RGCI&RC Biorepository is a not-for-profit establishment bank, it operates on a cost recovery basis where a charge is made to researchers to cover the costs involved in the collection, storage and processing of biosamples. These details can be obtained from the Bioreposetory Manager during the application process.


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