Physiotherapy Treatment Hospital Delhi, India

Physiotherapy Department

Location -      -1 ( Basement ), 'B' Block
Timings  -       08:00AM - 08:00 PM On All Working Days

In  Rajiv  Gandhi  Cancer  Institute  &  Research  Centre,  we,  provide restorative services  to cancer  patients in all  stages  of  treatments, as these  may  have  lasting effects on physical and cognitive  functions  resulting  in  impaired  functional  ability. Clinically effective therapeutic modules are tailored and implemented to take quality care of special needs of cancer patients.


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  • Lymphodema programme
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Lung Surgery
  • Musculoskeletal and Neurological
  • Bone Marrow Transplant / High dose Chemotherapy
  • Pain Management
  • Cardiorespiratory care
  • Palliative / Supportive Care
  • Holistic wellness programme

Lymphodema Programmes:-

Patients  who  undergo  breast  or  pelvic  surgeries  with  lymphnode  removal  are  given information about Lymphodema prevention.

For existing lymphodema, variety of treatments including compression garment, manual lymphatic  drainage,  cryotherapy  and  lymphatic pumps are available.

Head & Neck Cancer :-
The  aim  is  to  achieve  optimum  mobility  with  minimum  residual dysfunction  after  surgery or  radiation. The  common  complications are Trismus, Facial Palsy, FaciaI Asymmetry, Compromised Neural and Musculoskeletal functions.

Lung Surgery :-
Thoracotomy patients require extensive physical therapy intervention to achieve cardiovascular fitness, shoulder and chest wall movement restoration, enhanced endurance and strength to regain functional ability.

Neurological And Musculoskeletal :-
Primary tumors of brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve involvement may lead to dysfunction requiring physical training of limbs.

With  advancement  in  technology  and  skills, limb sparing  surgeries are preferred over amputation. Such patients need  neuromuscular  reduction, proprioception  training, gait training, improved  strength and  endurance  to  achieve optimum independence.

Bone Marrow Transplant / High Dose Chemotherapy :-
Such patients require physical therapy to alleviate some effects like muscle and nerve damage, coordination and balance disorders and cardiopulmonary compromise.

Pain Management:-
Pain may surface as either the tumor may be compressing a nerve or muscle or secondary to cancer treatments. Physical modalities like Cryotherapy, TENS etc may provide relief from them.

Cardiorespiratory Care :-
Major   concerns  in   I.C.U,  Post  operative  unit   etc  are  reduced  lung  volumes, retained secretions, increased  work  of  breathing, ineffective cough etc.

Physical  therapy  can  improve  lung  volumes  and  compliance.  Sputum  clearance techniques add to patient's comfort in such cases.

Holistic Wellness Programme :-
Taking  care  of   patient's   Physical,   Emotional,   Social  and   Vocational  needs  by   counseling   about  their  limitations,   retraining    in   technical   skills   or   guiding   them   about   alternative    solutions,  infact  " bridges the gap "   between   a   patient  and  the  person returning to usual activity.

Rehabilitation Aids Facilities

  • Lymphapress
  • Cryotherapy Unit
  • Electrotherapy Unit
  • TENS
  • SWE
  • U.S
  • Traction Unit
  • Laser
  • Hot Fomentation Unit
  • Electronic precursor etc.  All kinds of prosthesis are made available for patients eg; Cervical Collar, Taylor's Brace. AFO, KAFO etc
  • Breast Prosthesis are also available in the  " Comprehensive Breast care room " located in " A " Block ground floor


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