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Admissions may be in two ways -
  • OPD
  • Casualty

If the Doctor decides to admit the patient, then the patient will be issued an Admission Slip-I (Manual request slip for admission), with the details about the treatment required and an expected duration of stay of the patient. The Patient / Attendant, then, proceeds to the admission counter, situated on the ground floor of the New Building and give a requirement of admission in the desired category. Admission Staff will allot the room / bed according to the desired category, if available. In case of non availability of the room in the desired category, the Staff will put your name in waiting list and will inform you on the availability. On a repeat admission, you can request for a room in a desired category on telephone, 011-47022074, in advance for a particular day. The admission staff will contact you telephonically on availability of the room.

At admission desk, an LCD Monitor displays the availability of the rooms in different categories, along with the waiting status. Please do not forget to bring your medical records during follow- up visits to the hospital.


The admission counter has a schedule of charges for different categories of rooms. Depending on the type of room desired by the patient, the required amount has to be deposited before getting admitted. An average estimate of your hospitalization cost will be given by your treating Doctor.The Treating Doctor will give you an approximate estimate of the expenses,that  you might incur during your stay at the hospital. However, the clinical condition of the patient shall determine the actual treatment requirements. Such necessities, whenever they arise, may lead to variation in the treatment estimate. To keep yourself updated on the expenses you have incurred till any point of time, you can request a provisional bill from the Ward Secretary / Billing Department. In case of any clarification, regarding expenditure or estimate for further treatment, you may request your Treating Doctor for the same.


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