From the Desk of the Medical Director

From the Desk of the Medical Director

Welcome to the website of RGCI & RC. It is my pleasant privilege, to greet you and present both an insight into our philosophy, as well as an overview of this institution of excellence. Since its inception 14 years ago, it has blossomed and benchmarked itself as a Pioneering Premier Cancer Care Institute where our doctors, nurses, technical and support staff have taken great pride in serving humankind. It is the care and compassion of our highly skilled and dedicated professionals, what truly defines RGCI & RC and sets us apart from the multitude of healthcare organisations.

The pace of change in healthcare is exponential and medical expertise and technology chart a dizzying temporal trajectory. We comprehend the importance of meeting our community’s expectations for comprehensive Oncology Care services right from screening through treatment, extending to encompass palliative care and end of life issues as pertinent. Every plan we make, every process we define, every  action we implement is driven by a driving desire for excellence and is keenly focused on few of the pivotal  targets
1) Providing outstanding quality oncology care to patients
2) Providing a rewarding place for our employees to work
3) Building, nurturing and preserving a strong relationship with family physicians.

A vital component in our quest for quality is the constant investment in our people, facilities and technologies. We endeavor to provide highest standard of quality care.

We believe that the best outcome for our patients can be achieved when we coordinate care across  a  broad  continuum  from  preventive  health  check-ups,  diagnostics, evidence based therapeutics, rehabilitation, social services, palliative care and end of life issues. Strategic planning in emerging  healthcare areas paired with innovative thinking  and  awareness  are  key  elements  of  our  journey  to  excellence.  But  the underlying theme guiding us through it all continues to be quality. Quality  is our passion and our energies will remain focused on it. We are proud of our ability to adapt in a  way that benefits our patient. We look forward to the medical fraternity; patients and their family members for valuable suggestions and constructive criticism.

Advanced technology ….. New facilities ….. Exceptional people

We are defining the changes in the delivery of cancer  care!  We proudly  started  Interventional Radiology in Oncology; IGRT, PET - CT scan, new MRI machines with breast guided biopsy facilities, new gamma camera and basic science laboratory in the last few years. We have breached the stratosphere of operative technology with the addition of cutting edge technology of Da Vinci robot assisted surgery, four more modular operation theatres, and one more precision based radiotherapy machine.

We enhance patient care services with our focus on comprehensiveness, all - inclusivity and a holistic approach. Our compassionate and experienced specialists work collaboratively to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan and continuum of care to ease the journey for cancer patients. We continue to move forward with these initiatives based on our unwavering commitment to the alleviation of human suffering.

To serve with Excellence is our guiding philosophy.

Your health is our passion!


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