Name : Dr. Sandeep Mehta

Designation :Sr. Consultant and Chief Re-constructive Surgery

Qualification : MBBS, MS, M.Ch.


Brief Description:-

Dr Sandeep Mehta has been practicing the super speciality of Plastic, Microvascular & Reconstructive surgery for the past 20 yrs. For last 14 yrs he has been instrumental in running an excellent cancer reconstructive service at RGCI. He excels at providing impromptu reconstruction in most demanding of situations involving extirpation of cancers from head to toe. This has lead to fundamental growth and refinement in the field of reconstructive surgery, and has enabled the oncosurgeons to go far and wide in their exploration and extirpation of tumors with confidence.
A perfectionist and innovative by nature, Dr. Mehta has developed strategies to provide solutions and counter complications in the most simplistic manner. The vast amount of work done by him and the experience gathered in the field of reconstruction, has yet to see the light of print media but has already enthused many young plastic and oncosurgeons who have worked with him.
 Dr. Sandeep is a true team player who understands the psychosomatic needs of patient suffering from disabilities and cancer and is ready to ‘walk with them that extra mile’.

Area of Interest
» Reconstructive & Microvascular Surgery.
» Development of Oncoplastic surgery as Sub-super speciality.

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Dr. Sandeep Mehta

Sr. Consultant and Chief Re-constructive Surgery


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