Nuclear Medicine

Department:- Nuclear Medicine

Name : Dr. Partha S. Choudhury

Designation : Director - Nuclear Medicine

Qualification :MBBS, DRM, DNB (NuclearMedicine)


Brief Description:-

Dr. Partha S. Choudhury carries an experience of 22 years in Clinical Nuclear Medicine, out of which 20 years is in Nuclear Oncology.

Dr. Choudhury is the recipient of UICC Scholar Award, during the World Cancer Congresses in August 2010 at Shenzhen, China, and in July 2006 at Washington DC. In his capacity as Director, Nuclear Medicine, RGCIRC, he undertook an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) technical co-operation expert mission to University College Hospital, Ibadan Nigeria, in January 2005.

Recipient of the “Asia Oceania Distinguished Young Investigators” Award of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine in 2004, Dr. P. S. Choudhury is the Chief Scientific Investigator in the IAEA authorized research projects, with the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center being the site for these projects. Currently in-charge of the PET-CT facility since its commissioning in 2008, Dr. P. S. Choudhury is an avid speaker at international conferences. His areas of interest include Radionuclide therapy, clinical research and PET CT.

Contact Details

Dr. Partha S. Choudhury

Director - Nuclear Medicine

Phone:- +91-11-47022516


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