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The philosophy of the institute is to constantly strive towards the excellence in onco-care thourgh combination of latest technology, competent personnel and a humane touch.

Dr. Vineet Talwar
Sr. Consultant & Chief of GU Medical Oncology Services
Dr Vineet Talwar is presently working as senior consultant, dept of medical oncology in rajiv gandhi cancer institute and research centre for last ten years. He completed his dm (medical oncology) tra

Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Sr. Consultant & Chief of Head & Neck Medical Oncology
Dr. Sunil Kr. Gupta is a well-renowned haemato-medical oncologist of the country. With over two decades of patient care he has devoted 15 years exclusively to cancer treatment and research. He has o

Dr. Kapil Kumar
Sr. Consultant & Chief of Breast, Thoracic & Musculosketal Services
Graduate and Surgical Post Graduate of medical college Amritsar. Dr. Kapil has vast experience in Surgical Oncology. He is trained at TMH Mumbai after which he worked as Surgical Oncologist in Batra H

Dr. S Avinash Rao
Senior Consultant Radiology
Dr Avinash Rao is currently  Consultant Radiologist in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute.  Graduated   and acquired MD (Radio diagnosis) from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune. He

Dr. S. K. Sharma
Sr. Consultant & Chief of Breast & Thoracic Radiation Oncology Services
Dr S K Sharma is graduate & post graduate from KGMC Lucknow. He has vast experience in radiation treatment of various cancers. At present he is engaged in radiation treatment of Breast Cancer and

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