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RGCI Goes Robotic Cancer Specialist!-Creates History!!
A robot performing surgery  --  sounds like a science fiction movie. But not any more. It is as much a reality as the earth is.

The advances in medical technology have evolved and robotic surgery is here to stay. RGCI has created history in the sense that RGCI is the first and only exclusive Cancer Institute in the whole of India to offer robotic surgical services in the field of oncology.

The da Vinci Surgical System comprises three components: a surgeon’s console, a patient-side robotic cart with 4 arms manipulated by the surgeon (one to control the camera and three to manipulate instruments), and a high-definition 3D vision system. Articulating surgical instruments are mounted on the robotic arms which are introduced into the body through cannulas. The device senses the surgeon’s hand movements and translates them electronically into scaled-down micro-movements to manipulate the tiny proprietary instruments. It also detects and filters out any tremors in the surgeon's hand movements, so that they are not duplicated robotically. The camera used in the system provides a true stereoscopic picture transmitted to a surgeon's console. The da Vinci System is FDA cleared for a variety of surgical procedures including surgery for prostate cancer, hysterectomy and mitral valve repair, and is used in more than 800 hospitals in America and Europe.

Robotic technology is in India and will without question grow in the near future. With the use of robots there is enhanced surgical precision, minimal blood loss, lesser pain, smaller surgical scars, faster recovery and earlier return to work.

The robotic equipment was imported from the U.S.A and installed at RGCI in the last week of february 2011.The robotic  services commenced on the 28th of february 2011 when the first robotic radical prostatectomy was done at the institute by Dr.Sudhir Rawal,Director Surgical Oncology and Chief of Genitourinary-Oncology Services ,RGCI&RC.The Inaugural session was graced by the presence of the Principal Advisor of the institute Mr.K.K.Mehta, steering at the robotic console for a while.Dr.P.N.Dogra,Head of the Dept Of Urology ,AIIMS had also come over to initiate and supervise the proceedings of the first robotic cancer surgery in India.

Ever since various operations in the field of Urogenital Oncology have been done.Initially the robotic cancer surgeries will be done for cancers of the prostate,bladder,kidney and uterus.With time other speciality cancers will also be included.

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