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Transversus Abdominis Plane (Tap) Block Neurolysis For Abdominal Wall Pain in Cancer

Pain is a common symptom associated with cancer. It is treated all over the world by using the WHO analgesic ladder approach and opioids along with some adjuvants remain the mainstay of treatment for cancer pain management. There are a few subset of patients who have progressive disease and continue to have pain despite heavy doses of analgesics. Such patients are treated with the help of regional nerve blocks/sympathetic neurolysis/epidural injections under image guidance. Recently a new subsection of ... Read More

‘Maximising’ Extent of Resection Matters a lot in Glioblastoma Management

Glioblastoma is the most common malignant primary brain tumor in adults and is known for its invasiveness, aggressive behavior and high relapse rates. Dating back to Dandy’s era, investigations on the best surgical procedures to maximize treatment outcome in gliomas have been spanning for almost 100 years. Based on the concept of obtaining tissue sample for definitive diagnosis and reducing intracranial pressure, biopsy remained the main purpose of surgery in the middle to late twentieth century w... Read More

Future of Healthcare – Tech enabled Patients, Hospitals and Care givers

Majority of people pay attention to health when they really get sick. Care givers in a hospital set-up attend to such patients generally with a two pronged strategy; (i) perform clinical examination and order some diagnostic tests to understand the underlying cause of the ailment and (ii) prescribe a few medicines to take care of the health till the time the laboratory, radiology or pathology produces a detailed report. Doctor may then either continue the course of treatment or alter it based on the new knowledge acquired through thes... Read More

Webinar with IMA Saharanpur

RGCIRC organized a webinar in association with IMA Saharanpur on Friday, 29th January 2021 though Zoom. Dr. Kundan Singh Chufal, Sr. Consultant and Chief of Breast and Thoracic Radiation Oncology delivered a lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Its Role in Oncology: Can AI Help Medical Management to Be Efficient? and Dr. Manish Sharma, Consultant – Medical Oncology spoke on Two Decades of Cancer Research Progress in the said virtual meeting. The webinar was well appreciated by the gathering. Read More

Challenging Closure of Defects Following STS Excision of Calf Region; Bringing the Attention of Oncosurgeons

Introduction: When it comes to the closure of defects following excision of STS of calf where primary closure might not be an option. Delayed closure, as well as grafting of a wound are well documented options and should be attempted in both the simple wound, those where early recovery is required. Local rotation advancement flaps give better postoperative recovery rates where more complex reconstructive failure would be disastrous. These perforator based local flap have been observed t... Read More

Interventional Oncology – The Fourth Pillar of Cancer Care

Interventional oncology (IO) is an emerging subspecialty of interventional radiology that “uses image-guided procedures to enhance cancer care,” according to a recent paper published in The Oncologist.1 IO has advanced over the past few years as improved hardware, imaging technologies and new procedures are being developed. IO aims at using minimally invasive techniques to diagnose/ treat tumors. Its role in the management of cancer has been growing and has now established itself as the fourth ... Read More

A Good, Great Patient !

The characteristics of a good patient include obedience, patience, politeness, listening, enthusiasm for treatment, intelligence, physical cleanliness, honesty and lifestyle adaptation (taking medication correctly and reporting to clinic when told). Time magazine described “a good patient” as someone who listens, follows directions, asks relevant questions, shows trust in his doctor and “massages” the doctor’s ego. Good patients are calm and friendly. Good patients seek to nurture positive relationship with the hospital staf... Read More

Dr. V. Shanta executive chairman of Cancer Institute, Adyar, the doyen of oncology in India

Dr. V. Shanta executive chairman of Cancer Institute, Adyar, the doyen of oncology in India, a great teacher and the hope of millions of cancer patients, passed away on 19.01.21. Born on March 11, 1927, in a distinguished family of Nobel laureates CV Raman and S Chandrasekhar, she devoted herself to the field of oncology. She lived in a small house within hospital complex. She made cancer treatment affordable and accessible to poor cancer patients. Read More

Recent Updates in Management of Cervical Cancer

Radical Hysterectomy Specimen OVERVIEW Cervical cancer is the second most common cause of cancer in women in developing countries and the third most common cause of cancer mortality. Persistent infection with high risk Human papilloma virus (HPV) is responsible for 99.7% cases of cervical cancer with HPV 16 and 18 accounting for 70% cases. The disease is characterized by a long preinvasive phase lasting fo... Read More

Moving from a multilating surgery to Breast Reconstruction in advanced breast cancer : A shift to approach

Halsted proposed the concept of Radical mastectomy based on the idea that at first, breast cancer spread only locally or “centrifugally” by first invading contiguous tissue and then spreading though lymph ducts to close-by lymph nodes, where the cells were “trapped” for some time. From Halstedian era of radical mastectomy to modified radical mastectomy(MRM) to breast conservation surgery(BCS) , as the surgical te... Read More

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