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How Long Can Someone Live With Untreated Mouth Cancer?

Mouth cancer or oral cancer occur in any part of the oral cavity, like the lips, two-thirds of the tongue, the inner lining of the cheeks, gums, hard palate, soft palate, pharynx, and sinuses. This type of cancer is grouped into head and neck type cancers. Oral can be perilous if it is not diagnosed and treated at the early stages. When cancer cells spread to the neck’s lymph nodes, oral cancer is discovered. Symptoms Of Oral Cancer Here are some most common symptoms of mouth cancer: Read More

What Is The Survival Rate Of Patients Suffering From Liver Cancer?

Cancer survival rates give you a definitive idea of the number of healthy and alive people after suffering from cancer. The statistics do not convey the exact length of the life of a patient after the procedure. The numbers give you valuable insight into the success of a given cancer treatment procedure conducted by various hospitals. The survival rates are mere estimates and are usually based on past outcomes of many people with particular cancer. These statistics fail to predict what happens in any specific individual's case. The... Read More

5 Facts You Should Know Before Undergoing Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain cancer is known to either originate in the brain or develop in another part of the body and it slowly spreads to the brain via the bloodstream. If a cancerous tumour originates in the brain itself, it is medically known as a primary brain tumour. If it originates in various body parts and eventually spreads to the brain, it is called a metastatic brain tumour. Brain metastasis is a common phenomenon as statistics show that one out of every four cancer patients experiences it. Personalized Medici... Read More

Top Treatment Options For Cervical Cancer In India

The spread of cancer varies from person to person. It is challenging to predict what a cervical cancer suffering woman should expect for the future. The chances of getting cured in the early stages of cervical cancer are pretty high and impressive. While talking about this cancer's various treatments, it is essential to remember that the numbers are mere averages. They do not precisely predict how the treatment for cervical cancer will plan out for the patient. The su... Read More

All About The Crucial Numbers Around Cancer Treatment & Survivability

The number of cancer patients has been increasing not only in the United States but also across the world. Statistics reflect that the number of new cancer patients opting for diagnosis has kept on increasing in this past decade. Most cancer survivors deal with the harmful effects of cancer with their doctors. Their respective doctors keep a check on their medical history to ensure that no new problem resurfaces. Understanding cancer statistics is vital if you are interested in finding out the new cancer treatments and their succes... Read More

Can Liver Cancer Be Cured With Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a drug-based treatment for getting rid of cancer cells. It may be an alternative for patients whose liver cancer is too advanced for surgery and hasn't responded to local therapies like embolization or ablation or targeted therapy. Read More

Myths and Facts about Oral Cancer

Early diagnosis, as well as treatment, of mouth cancer, is critical for recovery and better survival rates. However, a few misconceptions about mouth cancer doing the rounds make timely detection virtually impossible. Mouth cancer is shorthand for malignancies developing on lips, gums, throat, tongue, soft and hard palate, cheeks, and beneath the tongue. It’s deadly if not identified and treated early. The WHO’s recent study reported 657,000 throat and oral cavity cancer cases and over 330,000 deaths globally. The numbers ar... Read More

The Latest Technologies That Will Drive Cancer Treatment

One of the most difficult issues of the twenty-first century is finding a cancer cure. It's also unclear if scientists will be able to discover a cancer cure by the year 2021. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that substantial progress has been made in the last two decades to cure cancer, if not from the onset, after it has been diagnosed. Technical advancements have been made – from advanced research to the development of specialised tools – to assist cardiologists in testing, diagnosing and treating cancer, as well as offer... Read More

Brain Tumour: Symptoms, Types, Risk Factors, Treatment and more

The incidence rate of brain tumour is growing, taking a greater toll with each passing year. From symptoms, types, risk factors to treatment, let’s explore all things brain tumour. Out of 100,000, only 2 Indians are diagnosed with a brain tumour. That accounts for 2% of all the malignancies reported. The incident rate is small though, the mortality rate is staggering. Brain tumour accounted for 24,000 deaths out of 28,000 reported cases, per the IARC report 2018. What is brain tumour? Brain tu... Read More

What are the Diagnostic Tests and Treatment Options Available for Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer is one such type of cancer that develops in females. When the cells in the cervix of a woman change, this type of cancer may happen. As the cervix connects to the vagina and uterus, cancer in advanced forms may spread from the cervix to these and many other body parts. Even the lungs, liver, rectum and bladder may get serious problems. Based on my personal experience with an aunt having cervical cancer, pre... Read More

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