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Cancer is one of those deadly diseases that spares no one. It silently comes unannounced and one cannot even begin to fathom how they got it in the first place. It is life-threatening in most of its forms and can also leave the person with permanent ailments. It not only affects the person who is diagnosed with it but also takes a big toll on the people surrounding the patient. It is of paramount importance that one does not lose hope or faith while the treatment is going on and must always aim to put up a good fight and emerge as a winner in the end.


All Types of Cancer

  • Brain Tumour

Brain Tumours is generally a mass of abnormal cells that collect in your brain. The space inside your skull is limited and any kind of growth there can hamper its daily functioning. Usually, brain tumours are classified as primary or secondary. Most of the primary brain tumors are benign. A secondary brain tumour is one which spreads to other parts of the brain or other organs and is then called a metastatic brain tumour.

  • Bladder Cancer

When the cells in the tissue of the urinary bladder divide in an uncontrollable way then it can affect the bladder’s functional capacity. This abnormal growth of cells is referred to as bladder cancer. It’s most common symptoms lists pain in the groin, blood in the urine and lack of control over the bladder. Frequent and urgent urination can also be a sign of this type of cancer. It is a hard type of cancer to detect as it only shows symptoms in the later stages.

  • Blood Cancer

As the name implies it is the type of cancer that impairs with the production and function of the blood cells in the body. It usually starts in the bone marrow which is paramount importance in the process of production of blood. The stem cells in your bone marrow turns into three types of cells red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets. In blood cancer, this affected and abnormal type of blood cells are formed which take up more oxygen supply than the usual cells and disrupts the organs if advanced.

  • Bone Tumor

Any type of cancer that begins in the bone is called bone cancer. In most cases, it starts in the pelvis or long bones in the body like those in arms and legs. It is a rare form of cancer and is only seen in less than 1% of all the people get diagnosed with cancer. Surgical removal of the cancerous growth is the most common treatment prescribed by the doctors but chemo and radiation therapy may also be taken into consideration.

  • Brain Cancer

Cancer that either originates in the brain or when cancerous cells from other parts of the body spread to the brain then it is known as brain cancer. True brain cancers arise in the brain itself and do not come from other parts of the body. The grading of brain cancer is done based on how aggressive the cancer is and the types of brain cancer is dependent on which cells mutated to cause problems.

  • Breast Cancer

Cancer that originates in the breast is known as breast cancer. It is found in both males and females but is more common in woman. It can be detected if there is a lump under your arm and if you see discharge from your nipples quite often there is a very good chance that you may have breast cancer. In the treatment, a surgery is conducted to remove the breasts coupled with chemotherapy.

  • Lung Cancer

Lungs are part of your respiratory system and help you in breathing and oxygenating your blood. Any type of cancer that originates in the lung can be classified as lung cancer. Lung cancer is hard to detect because in most cases the symptoms are not seen until the later stages. Tumours can form in the lungs and you wouldn’t even know about them because there are very few nerve endings in the lung.

  • Liver Cancer

The liver is a small football-sized organ that is located in the upper right side of your abdomen just beneath your diaphragm. Any type of cancer that is caused by the abnormal growth of the cells in the liver is known as liver cancer. Usually, the hepatocytes divide uncontrollably and cause hepatocellular carcinoma. Other types of liver cancer are rare. Cancer spreading to the liver from other body parts is much more common than it arising in the liver itself.

  • Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is the abnormal growth in the thin squamous cells in the lining of the mouth and lips. It is one of the cancer types that can leave you disfigured after the surgery and you may never speak again. It is one of the nastier forms of cancer and can be very hard to treat due to the aggressive nature and placement of the tumour. Tobacco and alcohol are two of the main cause of this type of cancer.

  • Throat Cancer

Throat cancer refers to types of cancer that happen in the pharynx, larynx or tonsils. The throat is a muscular tube and if a cancerous growth is found anywhere around, it is called throat cancer. In most cases, a part of the throat is removed and in others the part struck with cancerous outgrowth in inoperable. In both cases, the person loses his ability of speech and will be disfigured for life.

  • Head and Neck Tumor

Cancers that are known as head and neck cancers usually begin the squamous cells of the inner lining present in the head and neck. These can also begin in the salivary glands but that is not a very common sight. Alcohol and all forms of tobacco are the leading causes of this kind of cancer and in most cases leaves the person disfigured. It is prevalent in South Asian countries where betel nut is used. It is a stimulant like coffee.

  • Prostate Tumour

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland present in the body which produces seminal fluids. Any type of cancer originating here is known as prostate cancer. It is one of the most common types of cancer found in men and usually cause discomfort and pain. Symptoms often associated with it are minimal or downright non-existent. It is very hard to track kind of cancer and is usually found only in the later stages.

  • Colorectal cancer

Commonly known as bowel cancer it is a type of cancer that originates from either the rectum or colon. Symptoms include drastic changes in bowel habits and feeling full or bloated all the time. Usually, these problems are also associated with gastrological diseases but if the change is drastic or the problems persist for more than 2 weeks one must see a doctor. Surgery is usually the go-to route for treatment of colorectal cancer.

  • Gastrointestinal cancer

Commonly known as stomach cancer it is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in Indian society and also happens to be the one to which most people succumb to. It is very hard to detect in the earlier stages as there are little to no symptoms demonstrated by cancer. It is only in the later stages that the person gets ulcers that do not heal for a long period. A biopsy is a sure-shot way of diagnosing it.

  • Cervical cancer

Any type of cancer originating in the cervix can be called cervical cancer. Early-stage of cervical cancer is very hard to detect as it shows little or no signs until it reaches the later stages. Some sure shot signs are pelvic pain, blood in vaginal discharge and unexplained vaginal bleeding. It is recommended that you see a doctor immediately if you see any of the above symptoms. Having routine PAP tests can be a good preventative measure.

  • Kidney cancer

Often refereed to as the two bean-shaped organ, kidneys help in the filtration of wastes that are generated in your body. In most cases, the cancer is detected in a very nascent or early stage due to the rise of Computer Tomography scans. The treatment usually means organ replacement or surgery. Keeping your weight in check is a preventative measure that anyone can adopt. Long term dialysis is also a treatment option but it is a very lengthy and painful process.

  • Sarcoma cancer

Sarcoma cancer resides in the connective tissue and are most common in bones, cartilage, tendons and muscles. These are treated by removing the tumour mostly. It can be grouped into two different types of sarcomas; soft tissue sarcoma and osteosarcoma. It is not known what causes it but studies have suggested that certain individuals might have a genetic disposition towards this disease. It is of 50 different kinds but it is a rare form of cancer as compared to carcinomas.

  • Ovarian cancer

Any cancer that originates in the ovaries can be termed as ovarian cancer. It is one of the harder to track kind of cancer that is usually diagnosed in the later stages. It has characteristics symptoms like swelling in the abdomen and unexplained weight loss accompanied by discomfort in the pelvis are and drastic changes in bowel habits. In most instances, it also runs in the family and certain people might be more prone to it than others.





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