The story of Nikita Goel, a remarkable automation engineer, is one filled with resilience, inspiration, and the power of unwavering hope. As I delve into her journey, emotions surge, and the indomitable spirit within her becomes evident.
Fifteen years ago, Nikita’s aspirations revolved around becoming a doctor, much like her own beloved physician, Dr. Gauri Kapoor. Driven by admiration and gratitude, Nikita recounts, “Dr. Gauri Kapoor was my inspiration. She is the reason why I am here, doing all that I am.” Little did she know that her path would take a detour, altering the course of her life.
In her early teens, a persistent pain in her knee led Nikita to undergo a biopsy at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The results confirmed her fears—a localized tumor called Osteosarcoma in her right fibula. Cancer, a word that struck fear in her heart, seemed like an insurmountable hurdle.

During that time, comprehensive cancer treatment, particularly limb salvage surgeries, was not widely available. But Nikita found herself in the caring hands of Dr. Gauri Kapoor, who was renowned for her expertise in pediatric oncology. With a glimmer of hope, Nikita embarked on a challenging journey towards healing.
The road ahead was arduous, but Nikita was surrounded by an exceptional team of medical professionals at RGCIRC. Dr. Kapoor emphasized the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, involving pediatric oncologists, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and a host of support services. Together, they crafted a tailored treatment plan for Nikita, not only focusing on eradicating the disease but also addressing her emotional, educational, and nutritional needs.
Nikita vividly recalls her initial fear and apprehension. The unknowns of cancer had cast a dark shadow over her future. But Dr. Kapoor provided unwavering support, explaining the treatment process and patiently addressing her concerns. She created an environment where empathy and clarity thrived, allowing Nikita and her family to find solace amidst the storm.
Chemotherapy sessions brought their own set of challenges, but Nikita understood that they were temporary, akin to preparing for an exam. Dr. Kapoor’s guidance and the dedication of her medical team instilled a sense of optimism within Nikita. She drew strength from knowing that childhood cancers, including hers, had a high curability rate.
The pivotal moment arrived when surgery became necessary. Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Dewan, the orthopedic surgeon, joined forces to remove the tumor, striving to conserve Nikita’s limb. Though there were concerns about potential complications and a foot drop, the priority was eradicating the cancer and providing a chance for a future free from its grasp.
Months passed, and Nikita gradually embraced a cancer-free life. Yet, her bond with Dr. Kapoor and the RGCIRC family remained unbreakable. Recognizing the importance of survivorship care, Dr. Kapoor established the After Completion of Therapy Clinic (ACT). This initiative aimed to ensure survivors like Nikita continued to receive the necessary support, monitoring, and guidance for a fulfilling life after cancer.
Nikita’s journey serves as a beacon of hope and resilience. Today, she stands tall, not only as a cancer survivor but also as a giver of hope. Through Celebrating Life, an event organized by RGCIRC, she shares her story and dances with fellow survivors. Nikita embodies the belief that life after cancer can be vibrant and fulfilling.
Dr. Kapoor’s vision encompasses more than just medical treatment—it encompasses holistic care, compassion, and a commitment to providing the best quality of life for her patients. With each survivor, a deep bond is formed, anchored in trust.

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