In the face of adversity, physicians often find themselves in a challenging position. They strive to provide the best care and extend the lives of their patients, but there comes a time when they have to admit their limitations. It is never easy for a physician to say that they can no longer help, especially when they have formed a bond with their patient.

For the patient, the realization that they have an illness that will eventually claim their life is a heavy burden to bear. It is even more heartbreaking to see the reflection of this truth in the eyes of their loved ones every day. And when the hour of reckoning arrives, it is the next of kin who are hit the hardest.

However, there is another family that emerges during this journey—a family formed within the hospital walls. This family consists of the healthcare professionals who have cared for the patient over time. There is a sentiment that binds them together—a commitment to remember, to never give up on finding a cure, and to provide care until the very end.

Dr. Swaroopa Mitra, a compassionate physician, suggested to Kiran Sharma and her husband that it would be better for them to take care of him at home. During his radiation treatment, Dr. Mitra counseled the family with kindness and helped them find solutions to their problems. She also referred them to a patient welfare scheme that alleviated many of their financial burdens.

When they didn’t know what to do next, Dr. Savera and her Home Care team entered their lives. Kiran Sharma recalls their support, “Dr. Savera started visiting us. She was so helpful and caring. She would prescribe medications, change dressings, and even provided us with diapers. She attended to every little detail, ensuring that my husband received the best care. Her presence brought a renewed sense of hope and comfort.”

Kiran’s husband, Jaiprakash Sharma, a cab driver, had been battling brain cancer for three years. Despite undergoing surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, his condition gradually deteriorated. In January 2021, Dr. Mitra referred him to the Palliative and Home Care Team, signifying that it was time for him to go home.

However, going home was not a journey they had to undertake alone. The hospice care provided by RGCIRC accompanied Jaiprakash, offering free end-of-life care that brought the hospital’s support to their doorstep. “Our patient is ‘ours’ until the very last moment, not just during active treatment,” says Dr. Mitra. The dedicated team at the hospice provided comprehensive physical care, ensuring Jaiprakash’s comfort and addressing his medical needs.

Living with cancer inflicts numerous physical symptoms on the patient. Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, urinary difficulties, fever, and fungal infections are just a few examples. The home care service not only provided doctors’ prescriptions and free medicines to manage these distressing symptoms but also offered emotional support to the family.

Beyond physical care, the home care team recognized the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and the caregiver. They understood that caregivers, who tirelessly devote themselves to nursing their loved ones, often neglect their own challenges. The team aimed to provide timely assistance, emotional care, and a listening ear to the caregivers, recognizing the significance of their role in the patient’s journey.

Furthermore, pain management became a crucial aspect of the care provided by the home care team. Cancer brings with it debilitating pain, and the team collaborated with pain management consultants and oncologists to ensure effective pain relief. They adjusted medication dosages, administered prescriptions, and offered support through the pain management process.

Choosing home care is a decision made for various reasons—discontinuing curative treatment, avoiding hospital visits, or opting out of medical imperatives

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