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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Tumor Operation

A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal tissue (a growth or tumor) in the brain. It is a very serious disease, which attacks the brain and its functions. Depending on the type of tumor, symptoms vary. However, the most common consequences are loss of memory, problems with motor skills, depression, headaches and speech disorders. 

Brain tumor treatment has been evolving in the last few years. The new and existing treatments for brain tumors are improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with this deadly disease.

The treatment for brain tumors can include surgery or operation, chemotherapy, radiation, and medications etc.

Common Questions And Answers that Patients Have About the Brain Tumor Operation

Now, what are some of the Questions about Brain Tumor Operation? We have mentioned below some of the common questions with their answers that Brain Tumor Patients have about the operation.

  • Which Brain Tumor Am I Diagnosed With?

There are various types of Brain tumors that a patient can be diagnosed with. So after getting your diagnosis done, patients must ask their doctors about the type of brain tumor which they have. Some of the most common types of Brain Tumors are below:-


  • Is It a Cancerous Tumor and How Dangerous It Is?

This information will be discussed with you before cancer surgery in an appointment with the nurse practitioner.

  • Who Will Perform My Surgery, and Once the Surgery is Scheduled, How Long Will It Take Before I’m Back at Home from Hospital?

The neurosurgeon and Chief Resident will perform your surgery. If a regular craniotomy, the operation could last 3-5 hours. An awake craniotomy, 5-7 hours-including pre-op, peri-op and post.

Patients with no complications following a craniotomy for a brain tumor are usually discharged in two nights, three hospital days. Patients who have difficulties after surgery may be required to stay longer.

  • Will I Have a Lot of Discomfort After This Procedure? If So, How Can It Be Managed?

Since the head has a small number of pain nerve endings, most patients tolerate it well. Nevertheless, there may be headaches and tenderness around the surgical area.

When you are experiencing pain, your care team will give you non-narcotic medications in the form of pills and injections. Narcotic medications such as Percocet or Morphine may be necessary at times.

  • What can I Expect After My Brain Tumor Operation?

Majority of patients recover quickly after brain tumor operation and are able to leave the hospital after only a few days. Some patients may need short-term rehabilitation after surgery, but most can return home shortly after their operations.

In terms of general activities, You should avoid strenuous activity for 4 weeks, including heavy lifting (greater than 5 pounds), running, and working out.

  • What is the Survival Rate for Someone Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor?

Most people diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor live less than 5 years, but those with non-malignant tumors usually survive much longer. The 5-year survival rate for malignant tumors is 35.8% compared to 91.5% for nonmalignant tumors.

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  • Is There a Genetic Tendency to Brain Tumors?

Brain tumors are not genetically inherited but some diseases have a hereditary component, such as tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis, that can lead to brain tumors but there’s a very small chance of them to be genetic, because most of them are not and more research & statistics isn’t yet available to comment on it.


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