22 May, 2020

Cancer Treatment in India

One of the deadliest diseases that humankind has ever faced. Cancer is a disease that takes an emotional and physical toll on each and every person involved in the treatment. Not only it negatively impacts the patient’s psyche, but it also disrupts their financial soundness. Since there is a big investment that goes into procuring the cutting edge technology along with expensive medicines, the treatment expense becomes huge for an average patient. Since the disease’s inception, it has become a major cause of death in both rural and urban areas. In a fast-developing country like India, it is necessary to keep the health services on par with the pace of its development. This means that India offers the best oncologists and cancer treatment plans in the world. In many urban cities like Delhi and Mumbai, various hospitals have seen an influx of people from other South Asian countries where patients are devoid of decent health care. People come from far and wide visit India so that they can get the quality assurance of Indian medicine when it comes to cancer.


What are the Types, symptoms and Cause for Cancer

Cancer is the name given to the disease which gives rise to abnormal reproduction of cells in the body. When these cells multiply in an uncontrollable manner they escalate tumour growth. There are many types of cancer disease classified on the basis of their origins in the organs or the origins in the type of cells.

  • Sarcoma – Cancer that is usually found in the underlying cells outside the bone marrow or near the fat, blood vessels, muscles, cartilage or bone and other connective tissues is called Sarcoma
  • Leukemia – Cancer affecting the blood-producing cells
  • Carcinoma – Cancer that starts from the body tissues and spreads towards the skin and tissue of the internal organs
  • Germ Cell Tumours – Cancer derived from the pluripotent cells of the testicles or ovaries
  • Myeloma and Lymphoma – Cancers that starts in the immune system of the body.

Some common symptoms that are shared by all types of cancer are:

  • Constant fatigue – feeling exhausted all the time is also a very good sign of cancer
  • Change in Bowel habits – any drastic changes in the bowel is a good indicator of any type of health condition
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain – If you gain or lose more than 5% of your body weight without any changes to your diet or exercise routine one should see a doctor at once.


Reasons for choosing India for Cancer Treatment?

Owing to India’s large population the number of cancer patients has been increasing steadily over the years. This not only means that the doctors have more subjects to study but also means that oncologists can refine and hone the already existing methods. Also, due to the fact that India’s health services are not as expensive as the countries in the west, many people visit the country for treatment. This contributes to the upliftment of the medical tourism sector in the country and also bolsters people’s confidence in the healthcare provided by our country. Many cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and doctors that have devoted their lives studying the disease and find better cures and treatments for cancer.



Advanced Technology

India’s cancer hospitals have some of the finest machinery that is available in the world like the Da Vinci Robot which is a highly accurate machine-assisted surgical tool which makes the surgery way more accurate. Cyberknife surgery which is a non-invasive and pain-free radiation machine that has no side effects and if widely available in India. On top of that, Proton Therapy is also available in India which is present only in a select few countries.


Cost of Treatment

Adding to its list of accolades, India also offers cheaper treatment than the most advanced countries without skimping on the quality. In most cases, the cost of treatment is around Rs 1.5 Lakhs and can go up to more than Rs 50 Lakhs. When compared to nations like America this cost is minuscule. Average surgeries cost about Rs 3 lakh in India which again is significantly less than that of the developed countries.

India also provides a host of cancer treatments programs so that the course of the treatment can be tailor-made to a person’s cancer. The facilities provided in the country are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, stem cell transplant, precision medicine. The best part is that most of these treatments are available in a variety of hospitals around the country.


Tips to Choose Best Oncologist for Treatment

The doctor who confirmed your diagnosis will most likely refer you to an oncologist. An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in cancer treatment. One can either trust the oncologist that your doctor advises or you can go to some other expert too. It is necessary to see the track record of the doctor and how free is he to accommodate you in his list of patients. It is necessary to also take into account a budget as the consultation fees of experienced professionals can go through the roof very early. We would suggest looking at WebMD ratings and using google to find the best doctors around you. One can also inquire about doctors to different cancer support groups as they have surviving members who can guide in the right direction. This is of paramount importance as having the testimonial of a doctor play a great role in instilling confidence about his skills. Confidence in early stages leads to a much more positive attitude towards the disease which in turn leads to a speedy recovery.


Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Institute takes great pride in providing the cutting edge technology and fostering some of the most experienced doctors in all of Asia under one roof. Best cancer doctors in India dedicate their every waking moment to cancer research and how they can cure you of this deadly disease. Along with this we also provide counselling sessions so that you are not mentally fatigued and keep everyone’s morale up whilst the treatment continues. We take special care of the mental health of our patients because we understand how easy it is to lose hope.


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Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre is today counted amongst Asia’s premier exclusive cancer centres that offer unique advantage of cutting edge technology, put to use by renowned super specialists. This potent combination of man and machine ensures world-class cancer care to not only patients from India, but also from the neighboring SAARC countries and others.

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