Mouth Cancer

8 May, 2020

What is Mouth/Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that can appear anywhere in the mouth especially inside the cheeks and gums. It is a dangerous disease and barely shows any symptoms in the early stages. Smokers and heavy drinkers must get regular checkups as they are more prone to the disease. Since tobacco and alcohol increase the chances of oral cancer exponentially. An experienced dentist can spot the signs of mouth cancer and one should consult a doctor immediately. The most common symptoms are difficulty in swallowing, sore throat, poorly fitting dentures, swelling in the jaw, a sore throat, loose teeth for no apparent reason.

What are the Basic Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer can develop in any part of the mouth which include gums, lips and sometimes throat too. Some of the most common symptoms are –

  1. Persistent lumps that do not go away
  2. Sore mouth ulcers
  3. Lumps in the lymph nodes around the neck
  4. Pain in swallowing
  5. Problem with speech or change in voice
  6. Jaw feels locked
  7. Teeth become loose without any reason
  8. Patches in the lining of the mouth

One should regularly keep an appointment with their doctor and dentist to keep this disease at bay as this type of cancer can cause severe trauma in its later stages. Most mouth cancers begin in the flat squamous cells that usually line the lips and the mouth. It is not very clear as to what causes the cells to mutate but doctors have found various substances and radiation that have a profound effect on the cells that may lead to these types of cancers.

What are the Causes of Mouth Cancer

Carcinogenic substances are things that tend to either induce or aggravate cancer in the body. The leading causes of mouth cancer by a mile are tobacco and alcohol. Both of these substances are carcinogenic and further increase the risk of cancer. It is not known what exactly triggers the changes in the DNA of the cell but it is known for sure that tobacco and alcohol make it worse.

Other forms of tobacco like smokeless tobacco consumption or an unhealthy diet also contribute to mouth cancer. Although smokeless tobacco is correlated to mostly mouth cancer it is also a contributing factor in liver, pancreatic and esophageal cancer. Understanding and learning about advance moth cancer treatment will beneficial in this situation.


Betel nuts have also been proven to have a hand in oral cancer. These are widely prevalent in India and Pakistan and are known to have a stimulating effect like that of coffee. It is often paired with tobacco which multiplies the risk several folds.


What Type of Mouth Cancer Treatment we get from Specialist

If the cancer is detected in the early stages then it is very likely that surgery will be conducted so that the affected part can be removed. Since detecting it early is crucial we would suggest that if any problem persists in your mouth for more than 2 weeks you should get it checked as soon as possible. For the much more advanced stages of mouth cancer surgery along with radiotherapy and medicines are prescribed for at least 4-6 months.

As mouth cancer affects the area of the body that is vital for breathing, swallowing, speaking and eating the surgery in most cases will affect your appearance. You’ll be treated by oncologists and also dieticians and speech therapists so that you can fight and recover from as soon as possible. A clinical nurse specialist will also be present with you at most times to monitor you and guide you through the procedure. As getting diagnosed is a stressful and painful thing a psychologist will also help you get over your anxiety and help you in your well being. Your mouth cancer treatment will depend on the size and stage of cancer. Larger or later stages of oral cancer will generally need chemo and radiotherapy along with surgery.


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