Brain Cancer

15 February, 2022

Health is often found to be an aspect of life that is always unpredictable. If you don’t take care of yourself, what you eat, or the kind of lifestyle you live, there can be some serious health hazards that can be incurable at later junctures. 

Various causes can start a disease or a tumor in the human body. Some tumors are not cancerous but can significantly affect your health, while some tumors are malignant to the extent that the condition deteriorates to an incurable stage. 

It might seem difficult to comprehend the exact cause of brain tumors, but the experts have researched that some significant changes in the brain cells may lead to tumors.

Depending on the effect on the brain’s tissues, there are over 120 types of brain tumors. But the fact is that not all brain tumors are malignant. However, brain tumors can be life-threatening based on the size or the part of the body where they appear.

What is Brain Tumor?

A brain Tumor is the growth of abnormal cells that can develop in any part of the brain or the skull. Even though not cancerous, brain tumors can affect various parts of the brain-damaging healthy functions. 

It may also be the primary cause to affect the flow of fluids around the brain. Some tumors are also called skull-based tumors since they occur on the outer side of the brain, significantly affecting the brain’s structures. 

Hence they are types of tumors that are listed among various brain tumors. If diagnosed in the initial stage, various brain tumors can be treated, and some neuro experts may suggest brain tumor operation.

Types of Brain Tumors of Non-cancerous Nature Are

    • Meningioma
    • Pituitary Adenoma
    • Craniopharyngioma
    • Schwannoma
    • Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
    • Giant Cell Tumor
    • Osteoma

Types of Brain Tumors That Are Malignant and Dangerous Are

  • Chordoma
  • Chondrosarcoma
  • Medulloblastoma
  • Olfactory Neuroblastoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Gliosarcoma
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma, etc. 

Causes of Brain Tumor

There are no specific reasons for the cause of brain tumors though certain factors may likely increase the risk. The best oncologist will undoubtedly try to get you the best treatments to stop cancer from turning malignant and spreading to other parts of the body. 

Brain cancers can also be hereditary, and sometimes the residential or work locations can cause various brain tumors. 

  1. There is no specific age to be affected by tumors; however, the frequency of brain tumors increases in adults above 65 years of age. 
  2. Sometimes, having a family history of a disease or inherited genetic syndrome may also cause the development of specific brain tumors.
  3. Obesity is considered one of the causes that may lead to a type of brain cancer called Meningioma. Hence it is essential to follow a healthy diet and maintain your weight according to age.
  4. Medical Radiations like CT scans or x-rays that are done to diagnose various other illnesses might seem to be one of the risk factors that cause brain tumors. Hence the doctor you consult will ensure that he gives you less exposure to these kinds of radiations.
  5. People who work at chemical factories develop increased risks of evolving brain tumors. Some specific types of industrial chemicals and solvents are dangerous to health; hence risk factor is higher.
  6. A low or compromised Immune system is another factor that leads to developing lymphomas in the brain, causing the tumor.
  7. Radiofrequency fields can be one aspect that experts consider a risk factor among heavy users of cell phones. 
  8. Some medications have adverse effects on health and can be considered a risk factor for developing tumors.
  9. Metastatic tumors are those that develop somewhere else and gradually affect the brain through the bloodstream. 
  10. Often, severe accidents occur, causing incurable diseases, increasing the risk factor for developing brain tumors as well. 
  11. A tumor is an unusual growth of cells in your brain, and various factors may trigger this growth since brain tumors can be associated with several other syndromes. 
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Though primary reasons for developing brain tumors are unknown, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle pattern to reduce the risk factors of developing them.

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