10 August, 2021

Cancer is becoming one of the leading causes of death these days. It can be successfully treated if it is detected at an early stage; besides treatment, you can also avail palliative care services to recover emotionally. So, diagnosing the disease as early as possible is very important. Cancer can be identified by its symptoms. There are many symptoms of cancer that can be caused by benign tumors, injury, illness, and other health issues.

If there is a symptom that is not getting better after a few days or weeks, then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible, get diagnosed and treated with cancer surgery, therapy or any other treatment advised by your doctor. Sometimes, you may not experience any kind of pain even if you have cancer. You should not waste time waiting for symptoms to grow severe. Get in touch with a doctor at the earliest without underestimating the symptoms. 

Here are a few symptoms that are associated with cancer:

  1. Sudden Increase or Decrease in Body Weight

          If you have increased or decreased your body weight but you do not know what the reason is, then you should consult your doctor and get diagnosed as soon as possible. It could possibly be due to cancer.

  1. Lumps

          Any unexplained lumps in your body could be a sign of cancer. A few body parts where you could find lumps are the groin area, testicles, stomach, underarm or neck. Look out for these symptoms and consult a doctor if you happen to find any. 

  1. Swelling 

          If you are having any kind of swelling in any part of the body such as groin, stomach, underarm, or neck, then get yourself checked by the doctor for cancer.

  1. Changes in the Skin

           If you happen to find any changes in the skin, it’s high time you get it checked by a doctor. Here are a few signs that you should look out for:

  • Yellow Skin & White in the Eyes

          If you have yellow skin and white in the eyes, then you may have jaundice. Jaundice is one of the symptoms of cancer.

  • Non-Healing Soreness

          If you have soreness in your body and it is not healing for a long time, then it might be a sign of cancer.

  • Mole

         If you have recently got any new mole in your body or you can find any change in an already existing mole, then check       yourself for the symptoms of cancer.

  • Bleeding or Scaly Lump

           If you are having any lump on the body, which is in flesh colour and is bleeding or turning scaly, it could be a symptom of cancer. 

  1. Problems in Neurological Systems

          If you happen to experience symptoms like face drooping, changes in hearing, changes in vision or eyesight, seizures or headache, all these neurological symptoms could be a sign of cancer. 

  1. Changes of Mouth

         Look out for these changes in your mouth, which could indicate an underlying cancer disease:

  • Numbness, pain or bleeding in mouth or lip
  • Red or white Patch in the mouth or on the tongue
  • Blood in saliva
  1. Night Sweating

          If you happen to sweat a lot at night for unexplained reasons, it is time to get yourself checked by a doctor. 

  1. Problems in Eating Food

          If you happen to find a drastic change in your appetite, experience vomiting and nausea, stomach pain, long indigestion pain, food swallowing problem or long heartburn pain after eating food, these are possible symptoms of cancer. 

  1. Changes in Bowel

          If you happen to experience abnormal bowel movements for a long time, it’s a cancer symptom that you need to watch out for. Pencil-thin stool or bloody stools are also cancer symptoms related to colon cancer. 

  1. Changes in Bladder

          If you experience any changes in bladder, it could be related to bladder cancer or pelvic tumour. These symptoms include blood in urine, pain while urinating, slow flow of urine, high-frequency urination, irritation and small amount of urine. 

  1. Changes in Breast

          Any possible changes in your breast could be an indication of breast cancer. You can perform a self-examination and check for the below signs:

  • Puckered, dimpled, scaly, red, itchy breast skin
  • Discharge or changes in nipple
  • Bloody discharge from nipple
  • Change in size of breast or nipple
  • Breast feels different
  • Spots on breast

Apart from the above-discussed signs, watch out for symptoms like fatigue, hoarseness in voice, high frequency coughing and fever, bleeding or bruising for unknown reasons. The best way to fight against cancer is to detect it early and prevent it i.e., reduction or elimination of factors of risk. 

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