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Know The Top 8 Ways To Improve And Maintain Your Bone Health

Bones give structure to the human body. And an unhealthy lifestyle and eating unhealthy food can lead you to various bone-related problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and bone cancer. 

Given below are some useful tips to follow for keeping your bones in good shape and health.

8 Tips That Could Improve Your Bone Health

  • Consult A Doctor First

If there is any weakness in your body, you should always consult a doctor. RGCIRC’s doctors are experienced enough to give you pep-talk regarding the best bone cancer treatment. In addition, they will provide proper medication and give you the most suitable exercises for you. 

  • Boost Your Calcium Intake

Human bones are formed by calcium. However, in India, people (mostly women) don’t get enough calcium intake from their food because of the poor standard of living. You can take calcium supplements if your daily diet fails to supply the amount of calcium you require.

  • Increase Your Vitamin D Levels

The human body can’t absorb calcium without the help of Vitamin D. And one of the greatest natural sources for Vitamin D is sunlight, followed by seafood and milk. That’s why spending more time under the sun can help to improve your Vitamin D levels. 

  • Improved Protein Consumption

Protein is also an essential nutrient besides calcium and Vitamin D to improve your bone health. Low protein consumption can also affect bones in the elderly. Protein helps to improve calcium absorption intestinally and also muscle strength and mass. 

  • Consume More Vegetables And Fruits

Leafy vegetables and fruits have several vitamins and minerals that provide your bones (and teeth) with proper nourishment and strength. These elements also plan a crucial role in healing your bone fractures and increase your bone density. In addition, you can consult a doctor at RGCIRC, one of the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment.

  • Exercise More: Load Your Skeleton & Muscle

The human body is basically a machine, highly complex and much advanced. Therefore, it needs to be exercised to avoid dysfunctionality. Consider walking and jogging for at least half an hour daily. Yoga and Tai Chi also help to strengthen your lower back.

  • Cut Back On Alcohol & Stop Smoking

Heavy alcohol consumption and smoking habits cause bone loss. That is why you should quit smoking and control your drinking habits.

  • How About A BMD Test?

A Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test can only predetermine osteoporosis. However, if your doctor suggests, a BMD test is necessary for you. A small portable machine emits X-rays upon fingers, wrists and heels to capture images that are used for observing the bone density.

Older people are more prone to diseases such as bone cancer than younger ones. Therefore, they should regularly go for routine check-ups at RGCIRC as it is one of the best hospitals in India for cancer treatment

Various types of diseases have been cured in this hospital since 1996. Complex procedures such as bone cancer treatment are also done here. So, book a consultation today and get quality treatment from here!

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