Mouth Cancer

10 September, 2021

Mouth cancer is nothing new in India as this country is one of the biggest consumers and producers of tobacco products. Although the government has taken huge steps to prevent the disease, they can’t really control people’s behavior. 

However, there are a few things, which when taken care of, can decrease the chances of a person getting oral cancer. These are the risk factors that you can avoid in your day-to-day life to decrease your chances of getting affected by an oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer.

Oral cancer doctors can only provide you the right treatment if you are diagnosed with this kind of cancer, but it is in your best interest to prevent the disease. Read on to understand the risk factors for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers.

1. Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the biggest contributors when it comes to the oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer. People who smoke are in danger and have higher chances of developing cancer cells than the ones who do not smoke. 

Chewing tobacco is even riskier than smoking as it can directly contribute to developing mouth cancer. Smoke inhaled through cigarettes, pipes, vapes, hookahs, and cigars can also cause cancer. Research has shown that long exposure to second-hand smoke can also result in cancer.

2. Alcohol

We all know that alcohol is infamous for causing liver cancer, but we tend to forget that it is an overall carcinogenic substance and its overuse can cause mouth cancer too. Heavy drinkers are at more risk when it comes to cancer caused by alcohol.

3. Betel Nut and Gutka

In some Asian countries, people are very fond of chewing betel nuts with a mix of spices and lime. This mixture gives them a high, which can last for long but at what cost? Papua New Guinea is one such country where not just adults but also children consume this cancer-causing substance. 

It’s not surprising why the country has the highest reports of mouth cancer in the world. Gutkha is a famous tobacco mixture consumed in countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Tibet. All these substances can directly lead to mouth cancer.

4. HPV Infection

Human Papillomavirus or HPV is a collection of over 150 types of viruses, which can cause papilloma or warts. Some of these infections can cause serious health issues such as cancer, including cancer of the cervix, penis, vulva, anus, mouth, and throat. 

HPV16 is the virus that is usually connected to mouth or throat cancer. Oropharyngeal cancer cases have risen a lot over the past few decades and are increasingly seen in the younger generation where people tend to have sexual relationships with more than one person.

5. Gender

There is no genetic reason for why oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer is observed more in men. Probably, the consumption of tobacco and alcohol plays an important role in this ratio. But men are also the ones that are more affected by HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer, which seems a bit weird.

6. Excess Body Weight

We all know that excess body fat is not good for health. It leads to many medical conditions, which can deteriorate one’s health. And in case of oropharyngeal cancer and larynx cancer, excess body fat worsens the case and increases the chances of you getting one of them. Eating a plant-based diet and maintaining caloric deficit with some exercise can help you lose some fat and stay healthy.

7. Age

Cancers like the ones that affect the oral cavity and oropharynx take years to develop, so they are not that prevalent in the younger generation as compared to the older ones. This is why most mouth-related cancer is observed in people in the age group of 50 or older. 

8. UV Light

We all know what damage UV light can do to our skin as it is one of the major contributors to skin cancer. However, it can also cause cancer of the lips. This kind of cancer is seen more in people having outdoor jobs that involve them working under sunlight for a long duration of time. This is why it is always advised to find shade.

9. Poor Nutrition

Some studies have shown that poor nutrition that does not include a properly balanced diet can be linked to an increased risk of oropharyngeal cancer. 

10. Genetic Syndromes

People who inherit some defects in genes from their parents or grandparents have a very high risk of mouth or throat cancer. It is always a good idea to get yourself checked by the doctors from the best cancer treatment hospital in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or elsewhere to be on the safer side. 

Keep these risk factors in mind and lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer OR Contact RGCIRC which is among the best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Delhi.


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