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Live Healthy Life with Your Loved Ones

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world and according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), which said that one in 10 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime and one in 15 will die of the disease. Cancer puts a significant amount of pressure on patients and their dear ones.

Although notable progress in the field of cancer prevention and detection has been made in recent years, there is a need to develop a proper clinical research environment. Treatments such as chemotherapy and stem cell transplant ( blood cancer treatment) are painful and expensive. Early diagnosis is important. We can go one step further and prevent it by making healthy lifestyle choices such as maintaining a healthy wholesome diet, avoidance of tobacco and alcohol, and other such and since 30-50% of cancers are preventable, it is a possible feat.


The latest study by the National Cancer Institute states that higher levels of physical activity are linked to lower risk of several types of cancer such as gastric colon and even breast cancer as it improves one’s immune system, reduces inflammation, alters metabolism and prevents obesity.
They recommend activities like aerobic and balancing training along with muscle-strengthening activities such as playing football or even cycling to work. Book Appointment with a fitness trainer or a yoga instructor, to char out your fitness regime, if you need help.


Maintaining a healthy and wholesome diet

To lower the risk of cancer aim to build your diet around a variety of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats and try to exclude processed foods that contain unhealthy amounts of fats, sugars, and refined carbs from your diet plan. Also cut down on carcinogens or cancer-causing substances by avoiding cured and preserved items, especially meat. Try switching to organic food products as studies show that exposure to pesticides increases the risk of cancer, especially in pregnant women.
There’s no specific super food that prevents cancer, but maintaining a healthy, well-rounded diet is an excellent prevention strategy not only for cancer but also for many other diseases.


Reduce Alcohol and Tobacco consumption

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of mouth cancer, upper throat also known as pharyngeal, oesophageal, laryngeal, or the voice box, breast, bowel, and liver cancer. Where as smoking is linked to at least 15 types of cancer, the most common being lung cancer. The link between the risk of cancer and smoking is undeniably high, and the only way to reduce the risk is by stopping it. And the same applies to alcohol, and when we consume alcohol, our body breaks it down into a chemical called acetaldehyde which damages the DNA and prevents your body from repairing the damage which can lead to uncontrolled cell division (cancer).

But since stopping such habits in a small amount of time is not a simple task, doctors and the government recommends you to limit its consumption and use products that help you deal with the addiction. Prevention is better than cure and we have tried our best in covering some key methods to pull up a healthy lifestyle to prevent the critical effects of cancer of any type.

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