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Backbone Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, Stages and Treatment Options

Backbone cancer, also known as spinal cancer, is a serious condition that affects the bones and tissues of the spine. In this article, let us explore the symptoms, causes, stages, and treatment options for backbone cancer. What Is Backbone Cancer? Backbone cancer is a type of cancer that affects the spine, which is mad... Read More

Tonsil Cancer: Identifying the Early Signs and Symptoms for Prompt Treatment

Cancer is a terrible disease as symptoms are usually identified at a later stage, which can keep you away from getting treatment on time. One such cancer is tonsil cancer. It is a rare kind of cancer, and symptoms can go unnoticed, causing more serious health issues.  If you are experiencing a sore throat, difficulty swallowing or a lump in your throat that's just not going, it may feel like a minor annoyance, but it could be a sign of tonsil cancer. Therefore,... Read More

Buccal Mucosa Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Early Detection and Intervention

Buccal mucosa is also known as oral cancer, which affects the inner lining of the cheeks, gums, and lips. This type of cancer is usually seen in people aged 50 or above. If it is not detected and treated early, it can lead to death.  Unfortunately, people do not want to hear or learn about the word cancer and that's the reason why most of them are still unaware of the signs and symptoms Read More

Tongue Cancer: Identifying Symptoms, Stages & Treatment

The word 'cancer' always sends shivers down our spine. And when it comes to tongue cancer, it's even more difficult as small things like chewing, eating, breathing, and speaking can turn into difficulties. This cancer can occur anywhere on the tongue, including the sides, front, or back of the tongue. The only possibility to cure it is to identify it early.  Cancer can pause your life. The earlier it's identified, the better it is to treat. However, people lack... Read More

Onco-Anesthesiologist : A Silent Companion in Cancer Care

‘Cancer is a disease in which some of the cells become abnormal, grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems.’ (National Cancer Institute, USA) Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for one in six deaths, with an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. In India, one in nine persons is likely to develop cancer in his / her lifetime. Some have equated can... Read More

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