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Gliomas are the common primary central nervous system CNS (brain tumor) and require proper classification and grading. The classification of gliomas for the past century has been based largely on histogenesis and microscopic similarities. There has been a paradigm shift with the emergence of next generation sequencing (NGS) technique clarifying the genetic bases of tumor genesis and paving a way forward for classification of gliomas from a genetic standpoint. The 2016 World Health Organization classific... Read More

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Mouth Cancer Treatment

Oral cancer is one of the scariest diseases to have. The number of affected people is high in men compared to women. According to a survey, the estimated number of oral cancer cases this year was around 55,000 in adults, with 38890 men being diagnosed with oral cancer. Have you ever wondered why? Well, this shouldn't surprise you with more men addicted to smoking and tobacco being the victims of oral cancer.  The cigarette tar that builds up in the mouth is wha... Read More

HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI. Have we learnt anything from nuclear disasters?

A nuclear bomb dropped at 8:15 am on a clear August (1945) morning. Less than a minute later, a blinding flash was followed by a wave of destruction almost beyond human imagination. An estimated 80,000 people were killed instantly by the intense heat of the explosion. Thirteen square kilometres of a city that had been a bustling commercial, military and transportation hub was reduced to rubble. Immense firestorms swept through wood and paper houses. Thousands were dead and injured. A si... Read More

Role of Brachytherapy in Treatment of Oral Tongue Cancer

The tongue may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the body's major organs. But like other organs, it is also susceptible to cancer. There are various types of cancer, each with its own signs and symptoms, and each can vary in severity depending on the aggressiveness of cancer. During the initial stages of cancer, there may not be any symptoms. This is one of the reasons why it is important to get tested as early as possible when you realise any abnormalities in the tongue. Doctors say that most cancers t... Read More

10 Prostate Cancer Treatment Options to Consider

There are lots of options for prostate cancer treatment, but there is no single treatment that is perfect for everyone. Doctors consider several things before devising a treatment plan for a specific patient. This includes factors like the patient’s overall health condition, age, the rate of growth of the tumour, stage of cancer, size of the tumour, and how far the disease has spread. Here are the most common options for prostate cancer treatment in India. Read More

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