Radiation Oncology

28 June, 2021

Cancer, as we know, is one of the diseases, which has taken lakhs of lives across the world. It is mainly related to the uncontrollable growth of specific body cells, which start spreading to other body parts and lead to organ failures or death also in serious cases. 

Cancer is mainly a genetic disease, which can occur due to the changes in genes of a person. It is such a disease that mostly remains hidden and gets detected very late. This is one of the main problems, which makes this disease more harmful for the lives of people, say expert doctors from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed to be suffering from cancer, your doctor is likely to recommend a treatment plan based on various factors such as your age, type of cancer, its stage, and your health condition. There are many treatment options like surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy and stem cell therapy. Radiation therapy and surgery are two of the most common options that oncologists consider for treating cancer. 

Let’s find out which of these is the better option


Surgery is the most common method of treatment for removing the tumour or areas with the presence of cancer cells in it. Most cancer patients get intimidated about this procedure, but it is very much suggested by doctors, especially if the cancer cells have not started multiplying in the body. In surgery, the whole part, where cancer cells are found, is cut.

Surgery is performed either by the robotic way and manually by human hands. Nowadays, robotic surgery is mostly performed as it is easier and safer. Robotic surgery is one in which a machine gets inside the body and removes the cancer cells. It has minimal side effects in the body as compared to surgery done by human hands. At Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, the doctors mostly try to use that method of surgery, which cures the person fully. The choice of treatment also depends upon the condition of the patient.


After the surgery, doctors prescribe medications for healing of the body part. Some routine check-ups are also done to avoid any complications in the future. You may also be advised to take complete bed rest for a few months or weeks depending on the situation. If required, you can also get supportive care and rehabilitation services for your emotional well-being. 

Radiation Therapy: 

The second most popular and safe way of treatment for cancer patients is radiation therapy in India. In this method, doctors use very high-energy waves for damaging the cancer cells and also for stopping them from spreading to the other parts of the body.

The process of radiation therapy is very smooth for patients as they will not suffer from any pain that they face in the case of surgery. But after the therapy ends, they are seen suffering from pain, anxiety, fatigue, rashes in the skin, and many more side effects. Radiation therapy for cancer is mostly suggested by doctors when the cancer is in the first stage.

This mode of treatment is mostly used for kids suffering from cancer, as they may not be able to bear the pain of surgery. But if the condition is serious, then doctors will go for the best possible option after considering all the pros and cons of various treatments.

Radiation or Surgery?

If you are confused which of these treatments you should opt for, the best way is to leave it to the specialists who are treating you. They can choose the best treatment method for you after factoring in various aspects. If you are still not convinced with what your doctor advises, you can always go for a second opinion and see what works best. 


Both radiation and surgery are equally safe. If we talk about the side effects, then it is more likely that after surgery you may face some serious side effects as compared to radiation therapy.

Sometimes, depending on your health condition, your doctor may suggest a combination of different treatments so that you can recover at the earliest. It’s always better to avail treatment at a cancer hospital that has a multidisciplinary team of cancer care experts and oncologists who can give an unbiased opinion. 

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