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What Is The Survival Rate Of Patients Suffering From Liver Cancer?

Cancer survival rates give you a definitive idea of the number of healthy and alive people after suffering from cancer. The statistics do not convey the exact length of the life of a patient after the procedure. The numbers give you valuable insight into the success of a given cancer treatment procedure conducted by various hospitals.

The survival rates are mere estimates and are usually based on past outcomes of many people with particular cancer. These statistics fail to predict what happens in any specific individual’s case. The statistics of treatment for liver cancer are pretty confusing and give rise to several other questions. It is essential to consult with your doctor and enquire about these stats before undertaking any procedure.

5-Year Relative Survival Rate

The relative survival rate of any cancer compares people suffering from the same type and stage of cancer to that area’s general population. Suppose the 5-year survival rate for a particular stage of liver cancer is considered to be 30%. In that case, it means that people who have this cancer are about 30% as likely to live for at least five years as other people who don’t have cancer after the procedure has taken place.

The 5-year survival rate is 33% of people diagnosed at an early stage. If liver cancer has already started spreading to the surrounding tissues or organs, the 5-year survival rate decreases up to 11%, and it falls to a meager 2% if cancer has spread to a distant body part.

Factors That Influence Diagnosis

People who get diagnosed at an early stage of liver cancer often experience the best survival rates. Although, several other factors may influence an individual’s diagnosis. For example:

  1. Patients who undergo their treatment at a prominent cancer research institute like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre have the added benefit of taking advice from several specialists and the availability of advanced procedures made to suit their needs.
  2. Individuals who aid in clinical trials can access procedures that are not made public, which is quite beneficial for patients with late-stage liver cancer and other such complex conditions.
  3. Younger and healthy patients usually respond well to the treatment as their body can undertake the surgery and fight off cancer after the procedure is complete.
  4. Patients who need surgery such as resection or a lobectomy usually show the most promising results.


Rajiv Gandhi Institute is one of the best hospitals to provide liver cancer treatment in India. This multispecialty hospital has one of the best liver cancer medical teams that boasts unmatched experience in diagnosing and handling various types and stages of liver cancer.

This optimum level of expertise makes this cancer research institute yield such outstanding outcomes and provides quality and healthy life to all its patients. Their dedicated team of oncologists is experts in reviewing your case and assisting you with the best possible treatment options suited to your needs.

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