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13 July, 2020

Mouth cancer comprises of 11.28% of all cases among the men, making it the most common cancer type for the sex. In women, it is the fifth most common cancer type, amounting to around 4.3% of all cases. Tobacco usage is the most prevalent cause of mouth cancer among men who are over 40 years of age, as they account for almost 80% of the causes. Due to the same reason, there has been a sudden increase in the cases of women and young adults with mouth cancer. Mainly in the urban areas, women and youth are increasingly consuming tobacco either through gutka, or cigarettes, which is directly contributing to the spike in the cases of mouth cancer.

A senior oncologist from Delhi, who specializes in mouth cancer treatment, said that it is not so that tobacco is the causing factor only for mouth cancer, as it is also responsible for other cancer types such as lung cancer. It is an urban myth that mouth cancer is only caused due to smoke-infused tobacco, but that’s not the case as chewable tobacco products are equally responsible. Harmful elements which become a cause for oral cancer are:

  • Toxins
  • Carcinogens
  • Nicotine

How Smokeless Tobacco Affecting People’s Lives

Smokeless tobacco, affecting the developing expanded awareness and ensuing limitations on smoking in public places has led to an ascent in the utilization of smokeless tobacco, and particularly Gutkha, a modest and effectively accessible item composed of smokeless tobacco and enhanced added substances. Likewise, a deceptive story of gutkha being a more secure option in contrast to smoking has been fuelled through tricky promoting by the tobacco business, with dependent companions underwriting the equivalent to legitimize its utilization. Gutkha is a lethal mixture of cancer-causing agents, and the vast majority of the consumers are uninformed of its malignancy causing impacts. An expected 200 million grown-ups and 5 million children are purportedly dependent on gutka. Cigarettes and Gutkha bring about nicotine consumption and addiction. If you consult experts, they will tell you that Nicotine from smokeless tobacco is ingested through the mouth and it requires some time to deliver an impact than if it were consumed through the lungs, making it similarly dangerous as smoking.


How Different Modes Of Tobacco Admission Lead To Oral Cancer

  • Cigarettes: Cigarette smokers are at ten times more risk of oral cancer, compared to the non-smokers. Cigarettes contain around 250 different ingredients, among which 69 are known to be cancer-causing substances
  • Cigars/ Pipes: Often labelled as the safer way of tobacco consumption, cigars and pipes aren’t any safe than the other modes. Recently, a lot of youths are switching to e-cigarettes, which they also call vaporizers. Fortunately, the Indian Government has banned the product.
  • Chewable tobacco: Spit tobacco, otherwise called chewing tobacco and snuff, are types of tobacco that are taken between the cheek and gum. Chewing tobacco/ Gutka can be used as leaf tobacco (which is sold in sachets), or plug tobacco (bundled in “brick” structure). Snuff is a powdered type of tobacco, generally sold in jars. The Nicotine is discharged from tobacco as the person chews. Although ‘Gutka’ is a smokeless tobacco product, it is also the most direct form of tobacco consumption. Many people, even in the urban areas, tend to ignore the early symptoms of oral cancer, but it is better to consult experts as early as possible and get advance mouth cancer treatment by specialist.

Situation of Mouth Cancer Treatment In the World

Tobacco, taken in any form, is equally responsible for causing cancer. South Asia remains the most affected region in the world with tobacco-related cancer cases, and the situation worsens due to the less number of mouth cancer treatment hospitals. Recent rulings by the courts have led to several efforts by the central and state governments, but due to the absence of awareness programs, oral cancer still casts its dark shadow over people of all age groups.



Expert Advice: How Tobacco Affects Your Life & Why is it Important to Quit it.


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