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Cancer knowledge Base

Throat Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Throat cancer starts developing in the pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box) or nasopharynx (upper section of the throat just behind your nose). Throat cancer even encompasses other different types of cancer like oropharyngeal, hypopharyngeal and glottic cancers. However, Here we’ll... Read more

Reconstructive Surgery: Detailed Overview

Reconstructive surgery is a medical intervention strategy to rectify defects in the body caused by ageing, injury, infections, congenital anomalies and tumours. The surgery aims to improve the form and function of any body part, from toe to the head,... Read more

All About Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery is a procedure to remove the tumour, as well as nearby tissues containing cancer cells. A surgeon who treats cancer with surgery is called surgical oncologist. There are many reasons to go for surgery: To remove some or... Read more

Breast Cancer Surgery: Types & Precautions

Breast cancer surgery is one of the major treatments/procedures to treat breast cancer. This surgical procedure involves the elimination of cancer cells with an operation. Breast cancer surgery can be used alone or combined with other treatments like hormone therapy,... Read more

Brain tumor treatment: Know the Best Treatment Options

Brain tumour treatment depends on various factors, such as size and location of the tumour, as well as the patient’s age and heath. The treatment/procedure also differs for adults and children. You need to consult a doctor for your treatment.... Read more

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