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Cancer knowledge Base

Prostate Cancer Surgery: Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

Surgery is a common treatment option for alleviating prostate cancer if it has not spread beyond the prostate gland. The main type of surgery for curing prostate cancer is radical prostatectomy. In this prostate cancer surgery, the surgeon removes the... Read more

Cancer Treatments: Know How Cancer is Treated

Cancer treatment is being developed continually with advanced technologies. Nowadays, better, targeted and more effective treatments are available to cure cancer. With advanced treatment methods, the outcomes have also improved over the years. Cancer treatment aims to: Control the disease... Read more

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

A breast mass or lump is the most common and possible sign indicating breast cancer in women or even men. But this cancer also leads to several other changes in the skin around the breast, such as inverted nipples, redness,... Read more

Signs and symptoms of bone cancer

Bone cancer develops when abnormal tissue or a tumour begins to form in a bone due to anomalous and uncontrolled cell reproduction. A tumour can be benign or malignant depending on certain factors. Benign tumours are localised while the malignant... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

The cervix is female body part extending from the uterus to the vagina. At times, the genes in the cervix cells loose the ability to control cell reproduction usually due to the invasion of Human Papilloma Virus. The result is... Read more

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