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Cancer knowledge Base

Signs And Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Blood cancer can be hard to identify in the beginning stage. There may not be any sign or symptom until cancer reach an advanced age. At other times, Cancer symptoms may be mistaken for other diseases such as the flu.... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Nearly 25% of people with lung cancer experience no signs and symptoms before diagnoses via chest X-ray or CT scan that is done for any other reasons like chest pain, breathing problem, etc. So, it is important to know the... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer has reached epidemic proportions lately. Courtesy World Cancer Research Journal, the liver cancer incidence rate stood at 10.1 per one million people and the mortality rate was 9.5 per 0.1 million population in 2017. puts the estimated... Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Head and Neck Cancer

Given below are the major signs and symptoms of some of the cancers that come under the head and neck cancer category: Mouth cancer It is the most common kind of head and neck cancer. It may affect the tongue,... Read more

Urinary Bladder Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Observing blood in urine is the most common sign of urinary bladder cancer while there are other urination problems indicating this cancer. Nonetheless, you must understand that the early signs and symptoms of urinary bladder cancer are not severe. 1.... Read more


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