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Bladder cancer

Treating Bladder Cancer: What Patients Need to Know

The bladder refers to a hollow muscular lower abdominal organ that stores urine. Bladder cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the bladder cells and generally affects older adults.  Most often, bladder cancer starts in the urothelial cells (cells lining your bladder’s inside part). Urothelial cells are also present in the ureters (the tubes that connect the bladder and the kidney) and the kidney itself.  Most of ... Read More

What Is the Success Rate of BCG Treatment for Bladder Cancer?

Bladder cancer is a relatively common cancer that affects the urinary system. If not treated early, it can spread to other parts of the body and become fatal.  Bladder cancer is most commonly diagnosed in older adults. It grows slowly and usually does not cause symptoms until it is large and spreads to other organs.  Bladder cancer treatment Read More

Bladder Cancer: Facts, Figures, and Statistics You Must Know

What is Bladder Cancer? The bladder is an organ located near the pelvis in your lower abdomen. Its primary function is to store urine collected from the kidneys until it is expelled from the body through urination.  Cancer is caused by the rampant growth of abnormal cells in the body. This could further lead to tumor formation or malignant growth in any part of the body. Bladder c... Read More

How Immunotherapy Is Transforming Bladder Cancer Treatment

My brother-in-law was recently treated for bladder cancer by the RGCIRC. They used immunotherapy to treat him, and it yielded positive results! In the past few years, immunotherapy has been increasingly used to treat bladder cancer as it was found to be very effective due to its ability to combat even advanced forms of cancer. Types Of Treatment For Bladder Cancer Five lakh people are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year. Numerous treatments are used in its early stages including bacteria-based ... Read More

Get Advance Quality Bladder Cancer Treatment for Every Stage

The Indian medical sector has made significant progress when it comes to diagnosing cancer and mitigating its effects. All of this was possible thanks to the efforts of Indian doctors and medical institutions like RGCIRC of Delhi. This post will take a close look into why RGCIRC Delhi is leading when it comes to bladder cancer treatment! Read on to know more! Bladder cancer affects the inner lining of the urinary bladder – a hollow muscular sac that acts as a storage compartment for urine. ... Read More

Urinary Bladder Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Observing blood in urine is the most common sign of urinary bladder cancer while there are other urination problems indicating this cancer. Nonetheless, you must understand that the early signs and symptoms of urinary bladder cancer are not severe. 1. Blood in the Urine Hematuria or blood in urine is one of the signs of urinary bladder cancer. This sign is often painless and frequently comes and goes. In Read More

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