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Brain Cancer

Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors: A New Approach You Should Know About

Brain tumour has one of the highest fatality rates across the world. Millions of people suffer from this deadly disease. There was a time when it was almost impossible to treat brain tumours. With several advancements in medical science, it is now treatable. However, times have changed now. New technological improvements have introduced effective treatment approaches. Some treatments are effective at helping patients manage the symptoms even in the later stages. Read More

Making Brain Surgery Safer: Latest Technologies That Are Helping Treat Brain Tumors

Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with brain tumours. These tumours develop in the brain and have the potential to cause severe damage. Despite being one of the most common cancers, brain tumours are difficult to treat.  The brain is inarguably the most important organ in our body. When things go wrong in the brain, it can lead to several health problems. Tumours can be particularly problematic as Read More

When Spine Stands Between You and Your Final Wish

METASTATIC SPINE DISEASE: IS IT THE END OF ROAD OR MERELY A SPEED BUMP? Imagine a life where the fright of getting paralyzed impedes you from playing with your grandchild.  A 70-year-old man stepped onto the premises of RGCIRC with neck pain owing to metastasis from lung cancer.  Imaging revealed a C4 vertebral pathological compression fracture with complete collapse and a posterior bulge indenting the cor... Read More

Most Common Brain Tumor: 5 Things You Should Know

The news that you have a brain tumour is devastating. It is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that you have a potentially life-threatening condition and the thought of surgery and brain tumour treatment is scary. You may feel like you are alone, but many people have been through this experience. There are support groups and resources available to help you through this difficult time; you are not ... Read More

Most Innovative Medical Treatment for Brain Tumours

There's nothing worse than the feeling that something is wrong with your brain. It's a feeling of utter helplessness and despair to know that there's something inside your head that is slowly killing you.  A brain tumour is a real possibility for many people and the thought of dealing with it is terrifying. Its symptoms can be very subtle at first, making it even harder to detect. But as the tumour grows, it becomes more and more difficult to ignore. The pressu... Read More


Gliomas are the common primary central nervous system CNS (brain tumor) and require proper classification and grading. The classification of gliomas for the past century has been based largely on histogenesis and microscopic similarities. There has been a paradigm shift with the emergence of next generation sequencing (NGS) technique clarifying the genetic bases of tumor genesis and paving a way forward for classification of gliomas from a genetic standpoint. The 2016 World Health Organization classific... Read More

5 Neurological Conditions and their Treatments

The nervous system is one of the most complex systems of the human body. The main parts of this system include neurons, nerves, brain and spinal cord. Neurological disorders refer to disorders wherein the normal functioning of the nervous system in the spinal cord and human body and brain is affected. The main causes of neurological disorders could be injury, accident, a chemical reaction to specific medicines, genetic problems or other diseases. If these disorders are identified and diagnosed at an early stage, then they can be ea... Read More

12 Most Common Brain Tumour Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of a brain tumour can vary from being subtle and mild to severe and life-threatening. Depending on the severity of symptoms and stage of cancer, doctors may advise brain tumour operation in combination with other treatments. The symptoms are based on the location and size of the tumour. Patients will experience symptoms due to the growing tumour and its pressure and damage on vital brain tissues and cells. Comm... Read More

How Brain Tumor Occurs: Top 11 Causes of It

Health is often found to be an aspect of life that is always unpredictable. If you don’t take care of yourself, what you eat, or the kind of lifestyle you live, there can be some serious health hazards that can be incurable at later junctures.  Various causes can start a disease or a tumor in the human body. Some tumors are not cancerous but can significantly affect your health, while some tumors are malignant to the extent that the condition deteriorates to ... Read More

8 Common Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Surgery

Brain surgery is performed to treat a wide variety of conditions, including brain tumor operation, blood clots, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy. Brain surgery should not be taken lightly.  As said, knowledge is power, so before agreeing on going through the surgery, it is important to obtain as much knowledge about the procedure. This includes the preparation, risk, success, recovery, and prognosis. Ask whatever yo... Read More

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Tumor Operation

A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal tissue (a growth or tumor) in the brain. It is a very serious disease, which attacks the brain and its functions. Depending on the type of tumor, symptoms vary. However, the most common consequences are loss of memory, problems with motor skills, depression, headaches and speech disorders.  Brain tumor treatment has been evolving in the last few years. The new and existing treatments for brain tumors are improving the quality... Read More

Learn How To Take Care Of Yourself During Brain Tumour Treatment

For many people, finding out that their loved one has cancer can stop their world from spinning. Often, the choices you make after this revelation makes the difference between your loved one successfully recovering.  Caring for someone that is going through cancer treatment or yourself is an extremely demanding task physical... Read More

Know All The Non-Surgical Treatment Options For Brain Tumor

When abnormal cells grow uncontrollably in the brain, a brain tumor occurs. If the brain tumor originates in the brain, it is referred to as primary. On the other hand, if it happened due to the spread of cancer cells from different body organs, like breasts or lungs, it is secondary. Primary brain tumors can develop from nerve cells, glands, brain cells, and meninges. Secondary tumors are malignant and occur due to other cancers, like breast cancer, skin cancer, Read More

5 Facts You Should Know Before Undergoing Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain cancer is known to either originate in the brain or develop in another part of the body and it slowly spreads to the brain via the bloodstream. If a cancerous tumour originates in the brain itself, it is medically known as a primary brain tumour. If it originates in various body parts and eventually spreads to the brain, it is called a metastatic brain tumour. Brain metastasis is a common phenomenon as statistics show that one out of every four cancer patients experiences it. Personalized Medici... Read More

‘Maximising’ Extent of Resection Matters a lot in Glioblastoma Management

Glioblastoma is the most common malignant primary brain tumor in adults and is known for its invasiveness, aggressive behavior and high relapse rates. Dating back to Dandy’s era, investigations on the best surgical procedures to maximize treatment outcome in gliomas have been spanning for almost 100 years. Based on the concept of obtaining tissue sample for definitive diagnosis and reducing intracranial pressure, biopsy remained the main purpose of surgery in the middle to late twentieth century w... Read More

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