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Breast Cancer

Everything You Should know About Male Breast Cancer

While relatively uncommon, male breast cancer is not totally improbable. Since it mostly gets diagnosed in the later stages, it can become life-threatening. If cancer gets detected in the earlier stages, the treatment is more likely to be effective. This is why there is a need for creating awareness about the signs and symptoms of this disease in men. Since males have lesser breast tissue as compared to women, the cancer is more likely to spread into the surrounding parts of the body. This brings forward the need for immediate trea... Read More

Moving from a multilating surgery to Breast Reconstruction in advanced breast cancer : A shift to approach

Halsted proposed the concept of Radical mastectomy based on the idea that at first, breast cancer spread only locally or “centrifugally” by first invading contiguous tissue and then spreading though lymph ducts to close-by lymph nodes, where the cells were “trapped” for some time. From Halstedian era of radical mastectomy to modified radical mastectomy(MRM) to breast conservation surgery(BCS) , as the surgical te... Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness: Most Common Risk Factors, Symptoms, Facts

Any cancer occurs when there is a change in cells. Breast cancer occurs when there is a change in breast cells, i.e., breast cells grow uncontrollably. Lobules, duct, and connective tissues are the three primary components of the breast. The lobules are gland producing milk, the duct is a tube carrying the milk to the nipple, and connective tissues are fatty tissues, which are responsible for holding everything together. Cancer can form in any of the above-mentioned breast parts. Read More

What to Expect After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast cancer treatment, also known as a mastectomy, consists of either partial or complete removal of one or both breasts. Soon after this procedure, breast reconstruction is done for minimizing the psychological impact of this treatment. All thanks to breast reconstructive surgery, women can regain their self-confidence and feel good during the whole recovery process. But for someone who is new to breast reconstruction treatment or considering it in the future, it’s hard to imagine what all they have to deal with during this su... Read More

Important things to know about breast cancer in men – Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

The cases of breast cancer in men are very rare but they occur nevertheless. A lot of people even think that there is nothing like ale breast cancer. Most of these cases are detected in the later stages and most of the men who get this cancer fall in the 60-70 years age bracket. However, identifying the signs and detecting it early can help a person get the right treatment at the right time. Unlike breast cancer in women, the cases of male breast cancer are few and far between. However, it is important for men to not think that the... Read More

Covid-19 Leading To Changes In Breast Cancer Treatment

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, breast cancer treatment cannot be neglected. Therefore, this post will brief you about the changes that occurred in breast cancer care without compromising on providing the necessary medication and treatments. Read to know. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. In India, the number of cases increases drastically every year with the increase in urbanization, change in lifestyle, and eating habits. During the pandemic of COVID-19, anyone detected with breast cancer or is undergoing... Read More

Detect Breast Cancer With the Help of Machine Learning Technology

According to OncoStem, breast cancer accounts for the 25% - 32% of all cancer types in India, thereby making it the most common cancer type in among the fairer sex. Every four minutes, one woman gets diagnosed with breast cancer, and one woman succumbs to it every thirteen minutes. Despite the advancement in curing procedures, there’s minimal improvement in the healing rate from the deadly disease. The main reason for this is the lack of an effective detection algorithm for breast can... Read More

Breast Cancer Surgery: Types & Precautions

Breast cancer surgery is one of the major treatments/procedures to treat breast cancer. This surgical procedure involves the elimination of cancer cells with an operation. Breast cancer surgery can be used alone or combined with other treatments like hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and targeted therapy. This treatment option is sugg... Read More

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

A breast mass or lump is the most common and possible sign indicating breast cancer in women or even men. But this cancer also leads to several other changes in the skin around the breast, such as inverted nipples, redness, scaling, etc. You must be aware of the common, as well as other, changes that occur to breasts and skin around it so that you can detect it earlier before it is too late. Other Signs and Sy... Read More

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