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All About The Crucial Numbers Around Cancer Treatment & Survivability

The number of cancer patients has been increasing not only in the United States but also across the world. Statistics reflect that the number of new cancer patients opting for diagnosis has kept on increasing in this past decade. Most cancer survivors deal with the harmful effects of cancer with their doctors. Their respective doctors keep a check on their medical history to ensure that no new problem resurfaces. Understanding cancer statistics is vital if you are interested in finding out the new cancer treatments and their succes... Read More

The Latest Technologies That Will Drive Cancer Treatment

One of the most difficult issues of the twenty-first century is finding a cancer cure. It's also unclear if scientists will be able to discover a cancer cure by the year 2021. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that substantial progress has been made in the last two decades to cure cancer, if not from the onset, after it has been diagnosed. Technical advancements have been made – from advanced research to the development of specialised tools – to assist cardiologists in testing, diagnosing and treating cancer, as well as offer... Read More

Advanced Treatment Options For Cancer With Top-class Hospitals In India

The rate of cancer patients is rising day by day in recent years. It is one of the dreaded and life-threatening diseases. Cancer arises in any body part and spreads or metastasises into other parts. In most cancers, symptoms are not observed in their early stages. If the cancer is not detected and diagnosed soon, it may be fatal. Some cancers, if detected at their early stages, can be cured. Unlike the olden days, death... Read More

Simple And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Cancer Patients During Covid-19

During Coronavirus, taking care of cancer patients is crucial to prevent them from further infection due to their compromised immune system. Other than their continued cancer treatment in India, below are the effective tips that will help them take care of themselves safely and healthily during Covid-19. The current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire globe drastically. Among all, most affected are the ones who are already suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer. During COVID-19, the risk associa... Read More

India: One of Best Cancer Treatment Destination

  Overview About Cancer Treatment The new discoveries, breakthroughs, and constant advancements in cancer treatment have changed the course of medical care for patients at a rapid pace in India. There are several board-certified oncologists across the country with the expertise and advanced training that helps them decide the right combination of treatments for every patient dep... Read More

Why Should You Choose India for Cancer Treatment?

  Cancer Treatment in India One of the deadliest diseases that humankind has ever faced. Cancer is a disease that takes an emotional and physical toll on each and every person involved in the treatment. Not only it negatively impacts the patient's psyche, but it also disrupts their financial soundness. Since there is a big investment that goes into procuring the cutting edge technology along with expensive... Read More

You Should Aware About Different Types Of Cancer

  Cancer is one of those deadly diseases that spares no one. It silently comes unannounced and one cannot even begin to fathom how they got it in the first place. It is life-threatening in most of its forms and can also leave the person with permanent ailments. It not only affects the person who is diagnosed with it but also takes a big toll on the people surrounding the patient. It is of paramou... Read More

How to Detect the Sign and Symptoms of Cancer

What is Cancer Cancer is an amalgam of diseases in which the body’s cells begin to divide but are unable to stop after a certain point of cell growth. Cancer is a disease that can start anywhere on or inside the body. This is due to the breakdown of the machinery that tells the cells to stop multiplying further. In this case, the cells keep multiplying and cause extraneous growths known as tumo... Read More

How to Protect Yourself From the Risk of Cancer

  Cancer : One of the Dangerous Diseases in India The National Cancer Registry Programme of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) stated that 1300 or more people die of cancer in India every day. From 2012 to 2014, the cancer mortality rate has increased by as much as 6 percent. As far as the statistics are concerned, the Population Cancer Registry of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) ... Read More

Cancer Treatments: Know How Cancer is Treated

Cancer treatment is being developed continually with advanced technologies. Nowadays, better, targeted and more effective treatments are available to cure cancer. With advanced treatment methods, the outcomes have also improved over the years. Cancer treatment aims to: Control the disease Improve the condition Prevent cancer recurrence and Alleviate the symptoms caused by ... Read More

All about cancer Surgery

What is Cancer Surgery? A healthy cell, divides, lives on for some time and then dies off. That is the normal cycle of a cell’s life. Now, due to some mutation in the DNA of a cell, it can replicate itself through cell division incessantly and wouldn’t die that would ultimately lead to the formation of a lump or tumour. This medical condition is called cancer. One of the most efficient ways to arrest cancer a... Read More

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