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Al-Zahrawi – A great Physician & A Surgeon of Middle Ages.

(Not to be confused with Al-Qaeda terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri (1951 - 2022). Abū al-Qāsim Khalaf ibn al-'Abbās al-Zahrāwī al-Ansari popularly known as al-Zahrawi was a physician, surgeon and chemist from al-Andalus. He is considered one of the greatest surgeons of the Middle Ages. Al-Zahrawi's principal work is the Kitab al-T... Read More

Act Before the RBCS in your Patient’s Vein Reach a Dead End

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is an umbrella term for various degrees of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). The risk statistics are alarming: One in every five cases of VTE is related to either cancer and/or its treatment. Cancer Surgery has a 7-fold higher risk of perioperative PE compared to similar surgery for benign disease.  In the absence of routine thromboprophylaxis in surgical cancer patients, a majority (40-80%) develop postoperative isolated or asymptomat... Read More

Healthy Dying and Good Death

There are different ways people die. The first is the sudden death. The other is the long death, which is what most of us will likely experience. “The reality is death from cancer, where you actually know it’s going to happen, and you can say goodbye”. It was 18th March 2004, I received a call from my friend. He had lung cancer with hepatic and brain metastasis. Disease had progressed relentlessly despite surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He wa... Read More

When Doctor Becomes a Patient ?

When I became a House surgeon, I was quite arrogant, disciplinarian, tough with patients and their relations. People used to run out of the ward whenever I entered the big hall ward. One day senior staff nurse told me “please don’t scold attendants of patients. Do you know they call you “MCD ki Committee aa gayi”. You want to earn that reputation. After few days I my self lay on a trolley in the emergency department of big Govt. Hospital feeling extremely unwell. A young doctor clerked me in. He did not introduce himself by na... Read More

Doctor ! When Do You Want To Retire ?

I have had a very successful, very satisfying and very busy academic career. I have been asked how long I would continue to practice. My answer is “As long as it’s fun.” “No tiring, no retiring. Age is not a number but a state of mind. What is the right time for a doctor to retire? This is an oft-asked question. In any job, corporate or otherwise, it is mandatory to retire at a certain age. I think the wisdom of that is that you have a certain level of mental and physical fitness to function wel... Read More

Extrasensory Perception – ESP

S.B. one of my colleagues was a fighter, survivor of colon cancer. In February 2022 he told me that something bad is going to happen to him at the end of this year, may be recurrent or metastatic cancer. He remained well till November when he was admitted in hospital with abdominal pain. When he left home, he told his family that he will never comeback. He was investigated in hospital for his abdominal pain. Everyone assured him that it is not recurrent cancer. But next day his conditio... Read More

What If Patients Don’t Stick To Cancer Treatment

Nonadherence with medication is a complex and multidimensional health care problem. The cause may be related to the patient, treatment, and/or health care provider. As a consequence, substantial number of patients do not benefit optimally from pharmacotherapy, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality as well as increased societal costs. There is not just one solution for the nonadherence problem that fits all patients. To improve adherence effectively, there is a need for a tailor... Read More

Incomplete Leader

In today’s world, the executive’s job is no longer to command and control but to cultivate and coordinate the actions of others at all levels of organization. Only when leaders come to see themselves as incomplete – as having both strengths and weakness will they be able to make up for their missing skills by relying on others. Organizations have been becoming less hierarchical and more collaborative. No one person can possibly... Read More


HIPPOCRATIC OATH - I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and “never do harm” to anyone. The origin of the concept of patient safety is not recent; it is an age old ethical practice in medical field. Hospitals were founded to give care to those who need it and to keep patients safe is their moral duty. The occurrence of adver... Read More


Lack of standardization in perioperative care can negatively impact patient outcome and inflate the cost burden of surgical care. ERAS is an acronym for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS protocols are multimodal, multidisciplinary, patient-centric, perioperative care pathways designed to accelerate patient recovery after surgery by standardizing perioperative care. Initially employed for open colorectal surgery, tailormade ERAS protocols for each surgical stream are now available. E... Read More

Good Surgeon – Excellent Surgeon – Great Surgeon!!!

Good surgeon means good education and good training. The education and training should fulfil two main objectives. The first one is to develop good manual dexterity. A surgeon without adequate manual skills is not a surgeon. He should also acquire a wide range of clinical and scientific knowledge relevant to the chosen specialty. Not every trainee who develops high technical skills and acquires sound theoretical knowledge becomes a truly good surgeon. He should have high intellectual po... Read More

HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI. Have we learnt anything from nuclear disasters?

A nuclear bomb dropped at 8:15 am on a clear August (1945) morning. Less than a minute later, a blinding flash was followed by a wave of destruction almost beyond human imagination. An estimated 80,000 people were killed instantly by the intense heat of the explosion. Thirteen square kilometres of a city that had been a bustling commercial, military and transportation hub was reduced to rubble. Immense firestorms swept through wood and paper houses. Thousands were dead and injured. A si... Read More

Silent Deaths At Night Why?

In ancient Greek mythology, Sleep was the twin brother of Death, children of the personified gods of Darkness and Night. It seems there has always been an association between sleep and death. When people die in their sleep, it seems like a peaceful and almost idealized way to pass. We spend one-third of our lives asleep, so it should be no surprise that a lot of people die in their sleep. There is an important difference between dyin... Read More

Male Infertility And Cancer

The number of men surviving cancer at a young age has increased dramatically in the past 20 years as a result of early detection and improved cancer treatment. Quality of life has become an important issue in childhood and adult cancer patients. Fertility is often impaired after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Malignant diseases might influence gonadal function through hormonal alterations and metabolic conditions. Reproductive h... Read More

Can Fertility Be Preserved In Female Cancer Survivors?

Fertility preservation in essence means preserving the ability of an individual or couple to start a family at a time of their choosing. Oncofertility is a term coined for fertility preservation in cancer patients. Improvement in cancer management and increasing survival rates has created a need for oncofertility. Unfortunately, fertility preservation services are rarely offered or even discussed with the patient before starting cancer therapy. Studies ... Read More

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