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Future of Healthcare – Tech enabled Patients, Hospitals and Care givers

Majority of people pay attention to health when they really get sick. Care givers in a hospital set-up attend to such patients generally with a two pronged strategy; (i) perform clinical examination and order some diagnostic tests to understand the underlying cause of the ailment and (ii) prescribe a few medicines to take care of the health till the time the laboratory, radiology or pathology produces a detailed report. Doctor may then either continue the course of treatment or alter it based on the new knowledge acquired through thes... Read More

A Good, Great Patient !

The characteristics of a good patient include obedience, patience, politeness, listening, enthusiasm for treatment, intelligence, physical cleanliness, honesty and lifestyle adaptation (taking medication correctly and reporting to clinic when told). Time magazine described “a good patient” as someone who listens, follows directions, asks relevant questions, shows trust in his doctor and “massages” the doctor’s ego. Good patients are calm and friendly. Good patients seek to nurture positive relationship with the hospital staf... Read More

You Want To Be A Curator or A Healer??

In the last century, the role of physician has changed drastically for both better and worse. In the past, doctors were ill equipped even to diagnose, much less to cure most ailments. All they had were herbal remedies and painkillers. During last few decades however, the practice of medicine has changed dramatically by advances in doctor’s ability to diagnose and treat diseases. We have diversified into specialty experts, organ experts, and disease experts. There is no question at ... Read More

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