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Liver Cancer

Can Liver Cancer Be Cured With Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a drug-based treatment for getting rid of cancer cells. It may be an alternative for patients whose liver cancer is too advanced for surgery and hasn't responded to local therapies like embolization or ablation or targeted therapy. Read More

How Immunotherapy Is Making An Impact In Liver Cancer

The liver plays an indispensable role in filtering the blood and circulating it throughout the body. Additionally, it also removes harmful chemical products and toxins from the body. Liver cancer is broadly classified into - primary and secondary. Primary liver cancer arises in the cells of the liver. Secondary liver cancer arises from the cancer cells developing in the other body organs spread in the liver. When liver ... Read More

Cancer Prevention: How to Reduce the Risk of Liver Cancer

Do you know about the major cause of liver cancer? Well, liver scarring (or cirrhosis) caused due to hepatitis B or C infection or excessive consumption of alcohol is the main culprit. Generally, around 80% of primary liver cancers are the result of an infection caused by hepatitis B or C virus. This virus may harm your health for several years and further leads to liver cirr... Read More

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer has reached epidemic proportions lately. Courtesy World Cancer Research Journal, the liver cancer incidence rate stood at 10.1 per one million people and the mortality rate was 9.5 per 0.1 million population in 2017. puts the estimated number of infected Americans at 42,220 with 11,610 females and 30,610 males. Notably, the incidences have increased three folds since 1980 presenting a serious threat to public health. The same resource indicates Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to be the most affected r... Read More

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