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Mouth Cancer

Myths and Facts about Oral Cancer

Early diagnosis, as well as treatment, of mouth cancer, is critical for recovery and better survival rates. However, a few misconceptions about mouth cancer doing the rounds make timely detection virtually impossible. Mouth cancer is shorthand for malignancies developing on lips, gums, throat, tongue, soft and hard palate, cheeks, and beneath the tongue. It’s deadly if not identified and treated early. The WHO’s recent study reported 657,000 throat and oral cavity cancer cases and over 330,000 deaths globally. The numbers ar... Read More

Treatment Options For Oral Cavity And Oropharyngeal Cancer By Stage

Oral cavity cancer begins in the mouth, and oropharyngeal cancer begins in the oropharynx. But what is oropharynx? Oropharynx lies behind the mouth, and it is a part of the throat. Most cancer tumours forming in the oropharynx are called squamous cell carcinoma cancer. Several other types of cancers are also formed. The types of cancers in the mouth and throat are categorised into three groups. 1. Benign Growths Read More

Advice on Oral Cancer Prevention and Care during Treatment

Do you know that oral cancer is the eleventh most commonly found cancer across the world? In 2012, approximately 300,000 cases and 145,000 deaths were reported worldwide due to oral cancer. And, the cases have increased over eight years. People who consume tobacco and excessive alcohol are at higher risk of developing oral cancer. These factors even cause over 90% of mouth ca... Read More

Understand Reasons of How Tobacco Leads to Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer comprises of 11.28% of all cases among the men, making it the most common cancer type for the sex. In women, it is the fifth most common cancer type, amounting to around 4.3% of all cases. Tobacco usage is the most prevalent cause of mouth cancer among men who are over 40 years of age, as they account for almost 80% of the causes. Due to the same reason, there has been a sudden increase in the cases of women and young adults with mouth cancer. Mainly in the urban areas, wom... Read More

Get Advanced Mouth Cancer Treatment by Specialist

  Understand about Oral/Mouth Cancer Mouth cancer, also called oral cancer, occurs when there is a growth of abnormal cells inside your mouth. It can occur on the inside of the cheeks, tongue, lips, or gums. The tumour may also develop in the tonsils at the back of the mouth, salivary glands or pharynx. Mouth cancer is categorized under oropharyngeal cancer. This deadly dise... Read More

Diagnose Your Family From Mouth Cancer With Advance Treatment

  What is Mouth/Oral Cancer Oral cancer is a type of cancer that can appear anywhere in the mouth especially inside the cheeks and gums. It is a dangerous disease and barely shows any symptoms in the early stages. Smokers and heavy drinkers must get regular checkups as they are more prone to the disease. Since tobacco and alcohol increase the chances of oral cancer exponentially. An experienced dentist can spo... Read More

Mouth cancer Signs and Symptoms

Mouth cancer may develop in any part of the mouth or oral cavity. It can occur on lips, tongue, gums, lining of cheeks, under the tongue or roof of the mouth. Cancer occurring within the mouth is also called oral cavity cancer. Mouth cancer has been categorized into the group of  head and neck cancers Read More

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