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Radiation Oncology

How Radiation Therapy Is Used to Treat Early Stage Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that occurs when abnormal cells in the body begin to grow and divide out of control. It can develop in almost any type of cell in the body and can be very aggressive. Early detection and treatment of cancer is important as it can often be cured if caught in its early stages.  There are different types of cancer and each type can have different symptoms. Some common symptoms of cancer include fatigue, weight loss, and changes in appetite. The... Read More

Radiation Therapy for Tongue Cancer Treatment and Oropharyngeal Cancer

Tongue cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the tongue's cells. The tongue can be affected by a variety of cancers, but tongue cancer most commonly begins in the thin, flat squamous cells that line the surface. The type of cells involved in your tongue cancer influences your prognosis and treatment options.  Oropharyngeal cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in oropharyngeal tissues. Smoking and being infected with the Human Papilloma... Read More


An elderly, healthy gentle man, Mr Rajan Maini, comes in the OPD with his son and wife. Dressed in casual attire, he looks cheerful and content. He has no complaints at all, but he has been diagnosed with a carcinoma, which is curable and in its early stages. He does have some comorbidities, COPD being one. How familiar is this scene in any clinic? How often have we seen the dilemma among the family members and probably among doctors too, for whether to treat him or let him be on his ow... Read More

Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer

Radiotherapy has withstood the test of time and has become an indispensable part of the multimodality treatment of carcinoma breast. Radiotherapy adds onto the benefit both in terms of progression free survival and overall survival. That is a well-established fact amongst scientific community on the backdrop of numerous well conducted research work spanning over decades. Since the inception of radiotherapy in the cancer management in general, there has been a constan... Read More

What Are the Types & Procedures of Radiation Oncology in India?

Radiation oncology is becoming widely popular in the Indian medical landscape. Due to the improvements in technology and the inferences gathered from cancer research, it has become clear that radiation can have therapeutic properties that have the potential to treat cancer patients.  Radiation Oncology: An Overview Radiation oncologists are responsible to decide where radiation can be beneficial while treating Read More

Things You Need to Know About Radiation Oncology

Radiation oncology in India is a type of medical treatment, which is used with other medical procedures for the treatment of cancer. It is also known by other names such as radiation therapy or radiotherapy. X-rays of high energy called photons are used in radiation oncology and it is normally delivered through a linear accelerator. There will be no pain while using these X-rays and it is not visible. They are used in Read More

Short Course Radiotherapy in Treatment of Rectal Cancer: Evolving Paradigm

Radiation therapy is a part of multimodality treatment for many cancers. It is used for definitive, adjuvant, palliative and neoadjuvant approaches in cancer treatment. Rectal cancer is one such malignancy where radiation therapy is used in neoadjuvant treatment along with chemotherapy. Historically, in Southern Europe and U.S.A., conventionally fractionated radiotherapy (45–50 Gy, 1.8 or 2 Gy per fraction) was given concurrently with chemotherapy and surgery was c... Read More

Radiation and Surgery: Which One Is the Best for Cancer Treatment?

Cancer, as we know, is one of the diseases, which has taken lakhs of lives across the world. It is mainly related to the uncontrollable growth of specific body cells, which start spreading to other body parts and lead to organ failures or death also in serious cases.  Cancer is mainly a genetic disease, which can occur due to the changes in genes of a person. It is such a disease that mostly remains hidden and gets detected very late. This is one of the main pr... Read More

Read This before Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Cancer

With the improvements of the industrial revolution and the medical revolution, it is clear that we are living in a technologically advanced era. With the help of technological developments, people have a better chance of surviving cancer and leading normal, fulfilling lives.  Radiation therapy has been used to treat cancer patients for over 100 years now. The main purpose of treatment is to destroy the cancer cells and prevent them from growing back. Through a ... Read More

What is Radiation Therapy and how is it Used?

Radiation therapy is a commonly performed cancer treatment in many hospitals. During radiation therapy, an external beam of X-rays is used to kill cancer cells. These high-energy means are directed through a machine aiming at specific areas on your body, targeting cancerous cells. What is Radiation Therapy? Radiation therapy makes use of high-energy waves or particles like gamma rays, x-rays, protons or electron beams for destroying cancer cells. Read More

All You Need To Know About Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Radiation therapy is a process through which high energy waves such as X-rays, gamma rays or electron beams are used to destroy the cancer cells and its further growth. When some cells start to grow and divide faster than normal rate, they are cancerous. They spread fast and have rapid growth. Radiation therapy works by breaking this chain of growth. The radiation kills the DNA of the cancerous cells that cause them to die. Who Needs Radiation Therapy? Radiation therapy is given to people with c... Read More

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